How to Become Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew

World renowned Singapore Airlines is hiring to fill its newest cabin crew jobs. With the best customer service ratings in the industry and across the globe, Singapore Airlines offers a career opportunity of a lifetime.

Analysed by several consumer interest groups for the secret of their success, Singapore Airlines continues to earn top bidding on every metric. You may have what it takes to become part of this winning atmosphere and vision. Take the time to get to know the vision statement and aims of Singapore Airlines to make sure you are interested in becoming an active member of their team.

How to Become Cabin Crew for Singapore Airlines

  • Do you instinctually care about others?
  • Do you value the arts and the general well-being of those around you?
  • Are you comfortable meeting and interacting with all types of people throughout your work day?
  • Can you handle direct, professional treatment of clients while remaining cognizant of surrounding happenings that simultaneously occur?
  • Do you consider your smile a tool in bridging a perception of external gaps in communication?
  • Can you speak more than one language reasonably well, including English fluently and exceptionally well?
  • Do you enjoy the prospects of travel?
  • Can you lift heavy packages or luggage in a safe manner? Are you seeking a career where you can grow through the years with your hiring tier?

Or, are you merely looking for a temporary job?

Airline Cabin Crew

Singapore Airlines, excel in exemplary customer service because they invest deep and sincerely in all of their positions including airline cabin crew. They understand how important it is that every customer receives the best possible treatment at every juncture of their interaction with them. They pride themselves in familiarizing all of their potential employees with every aspect of the consumer interaction experience from booking, to riding and exiting their flights to a safely encountered destination.

Then also ensure, thorough comprehension along your chosen line and role of best company fit. That is to say, everyone may start out able to serve drinks while in flight, and each new recruit may begin with sufficient aptitude in telephone customer service (perhaps from prior experience). But each of you will shine forth in one to three specific areas. Accordingly, you will receive further, more thorough training in alignment with those natural abilities. You will enjoy working with Singapore Airlines as they invest in your achieving of stellar level skills and experience throughout your career path with this multi-award winning company.


Airline Cabin Crew Vacancies

Throughout the summer of 2019, Singapore Airlines will actively pursue recruitment of eligible workers to fill airline cabin crew vacancies. Their intensive four-month training schedule will, therefore, prepare them with sufficient crew for excellent service by the time of the busiest seasons and on through to the Chinese New Year. Some of the key locations where they are actively seeking employees include the following:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

You must be willing to station yourself in Singapore for at least 5.5 to six years from the date of your application. Some age, height, citizenry status and language restrictions may apply. Please note these requirements before completing your online application.

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Cabin Crew Careers

Singapore Airlines, are not looking for temporary, short-term workers. They desire committed employees who will demonstratively appreciate their well-planned and established business and training models. SA provide an intense preparation course designed to take into account every aspect of your being and that of their customers. They are not only concerned about how you are today but are also dedicated to helping you develop a successful tomorrow.

They recognize that your strengths, talents and worries may stem from any of the varied aspects of your personal and life experiences, e.g. age, prior career field, previous level of executive management of your own endeavours, future hopes and aims, family status, etc. Combined with their extensive training and testing procedures, you will come aboard with great confidence.


Singapore Airline Cabin Crew Salary

All beginning recruits receive a standard salary while in training. Singapore Airlines hold a graduation ceremony for successful applicants. You must be willing to make Singapore your home base for the duration of your 5-year hiring agreement.

Once you begin flight services, your salary will be commiserate with your flight schedule. You may receive more 5-year contracts of employment if your performance warrants it.

Another attractive aspect of the Singapore Airlines benefit package includes free and discounted travel every year. This comes with the regular expectations such as dental and medical coverage, and vacation time.

Singapore Airlines - Cabin Crew Jobs


Singapore Airline Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

To apply, first complete Singapore Airlines online application here.

Then carefully watch for their contact and interview appointment schedules. Be prepared to accept employment to begin within three months of hire.

In the second stage of the process, you will experience a four-month intensive training that will prepare you for immediate flight engagements upon successful completion. Expect to be scrutinized for soft and hard skills throughout your training, starting with the first encounter. Here’s a sample list of what the airline looks for in you as a potential team member.

  • Affability
  • Efficiency
  • Efficacy
  • First Aid Technique and Comfort Level
  • Poise and Presentation
  • Safety Procedures
  • Spoken Word
  • Understanding of Customer Convenience Products

It is also paramount to submit an excellent CV with your online application as part of your profile. Don’t skimp on time or quality here. It’s best to complete your CV one to four days in advance of submitting it. In this fashion, you will have sufficient time to edit it with some important details you may have overlooked initially. Generally, they recommend work experience data that covers the past five years. If this would be your first career position, you will want to include your scholastic achievements and relevant volunteer positions that you fulfilled in the community.

Remember to employ a font and layout that promotes clarity and directs the reviewers eye to key information. For instance, stay clear of fonts whereby certain numbers and letters are indistinguishable. Use bullet points but not excessively such that items you intend to highlight become commonplace. Finally, verify all current street and email addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and similar data before printing your CV. Consider including your references at the bottom of your CV.

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How to Become Cabin Crew for Singapore Airlines