Professional Jobs in Laos [Overview for Expats]

Be a Professional in Laos

The market for jobs in Laos is ever expanding as the demand for workers is at an all-time high. Employers are finding it exceptionally difficult to hire workers for the available jobs that are being presented. In fact, the job market has struggled for years to fill its available positions.

What is confusing to many is that Lao nationals are sharing their expertise and abilities in neighbouring countries that leaves a void in the Laos employment arena. Consequently, those illegal residents in this country are bypassing normal procedures to establish legal residency by being awarded legal resident status by the government to fulfill the recruiting needs of specific industries and sectors.

What About Laos?

Laos is a country located in Southeast Asia that has as part of its makeup the Mekong River with a beautiful touch of mountains, French architecture, and Buddhist monasteries. The capital, Vientiane, is where is located the That Luang monument, where it is noted to have stored Buddha’s breastbone.

At its borders, Laos is connected to the countries of:

These bordering countries provide many sightseeing opportunities for those who decide to take up residency and employment. Laos is exceptionally rich in agriculture, fishing and forestry.

What is Life and Culture like in Laos?

The government of Laos recognizes an enormous amount of ethnicities within its borders. As of last count, there are approximately 47 of such ethnicities that make Laos home. Within these 47, there are approximately 149 subsets carrying the distinction of their native languages totalling 90.

Laos has as its official language a language with a derivative of a monosyllabic tone identified closely with the Tai-Kadai family. Keep in mind that there are only 3 million Lao speakers in Laos, but they are 19 million Lao speakers in the country of Thailand.

The dominant religion is Theravada Buddhist in which 60% of its natives practice.

What is the Economic Overview and Outlook?

For lower middle-income developing country, Laos as an ever evolving and growing economy. There currency is the Lao kip. As of 2017, Laos’s gross domestic product (GDP) registered $16.85 billion (USD). Per capita, the country’s GDP is at $2,457.38, according to World Bank. Their gross national income (GNI) is reportedly at $6,650 (PPP). Finally, there are only 9% of Internet users in the country itself.

There are many job opportunities within this country, and the government is seeking to recruit an outside labor force due to the demands of the labor market unfilled that this time.

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How is the Laos Job Market?

The job market in Laos is very exciting. As the government gets involved, job opportunities are being incentivized due to the friendly relations of big business and the labor industry. Due to the amount of employment vacancies in the country, the Employment Service Center has partnered with the 108-1009 Group to advertise employment vacancies throughout the republic. These advertisements can be found on the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare’s site at and website. Both websites provide a variety of job opportunities being sought in various industries throughout the nation.

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What are the Top 5 Careers in Laos?

In order to take advantage of some of these vacancies across the board, there are some very lucrative opportunities that provide an exceptionally comfortable lifestyle along with job security. Of course, there are certain qualifications that must be met as the standard is high when trying to meet the educational requirements that these opportunities offer.

  1. Physician – Urology

A Urologist in Laos is a specialist who addresses the issues of the urinary tract and the reproductive system of males. Urologists work in hospitals, clinics and even have their own private practices. They can earn an average monthly salary of 33,700,000 LAK. In order to be successful in this field, the specialist must be committed to his craft and be willing to work inconsistent and long hours. Due to the technological advancements in the medical field, one of the requirements is to stay technologically up-to-date on the latest advancements in research and medical equipment.

  1. Physician – Dermatology

A Dermatologists has the responsibility of communicating with patients and identifying skin irritations. After the diagnosis, prescribing the correct medication to resolve the skin issue is paramount. In some instances, skin therapy treatments and minor surgeries may be needed. There may be times when a referral may be needed. Additionally, the dermatologist must have a high intellect for the tools used to restore the skin to its natural state. Through dedication, one can anticipate an average monthly salary of 30,500,000 LAK by way of working in clinics, hospitals or through private practice.

  1. Radiologist

A Radiologists is a medical specialist whose training is in the identification and interpretation of medical images that include X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs. They perform various procedures related to images but generally do not address specific medical needs of patients. However, they do specialize in the use of the various tools that allow them to make a proper diagnosis for patients and discuss these results with the appropriate physician.

The digital image most commonly used in their practice is the X-ray. An X-ray is a digital image that is captured by a machine that spreads radiation throughout the body of a patient onto a radiation sensitive plate after covering the body of a patient with lead shields. A radiologists traditionally employs technicians and assigns as one of their duties to photograph the X-ray. The average monthly salary for radiologists is 28,100,000 LAK monthly.

  1. Physician – Pediatric Neonatology

A Neonatologists permit medical specialists who care for newborns who have been identified to have a pre-existing illness or been challenged with difficulties at birth. This includes those who experience premature birth and who continue to suffer from congenital conditions that hamper their survival and quality of life. The average monthly income in Laos is 26,500,000 LAK.

  1. Perfusionist

A Perfusionist has the sole responsibility of addressing a patient’s needs whose heart or even the lung functions have stopped. This is a very sought after position that has a monthly average income is 24,600,000 LAK.

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This list of top paying jobs is only representative of the top five. However, there is a plethora of openings in Laos. There are so many vacancies to where there is a significant amount of expertise that is requested by businesses of various sectors and industries. Anybody across the world who is looking for gainful employment in a country full of resources and natural beauty must consider Laos. Apply for professional jobs in Laos today.

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Professional Jobs in Laos [Overview for Expats]