How to Get a Job in Singapore

Are you searching for a job for the first time after school or do you seek a change from your current position, maybe shift industries in Singapore? Whether a local or an expatriate, finding work in Singapore’s leading industries as well as the startups that are continually popping up around the Island city. But where do you start your search for jobs in Singapore?

Here are a few practical tips on how to get a job in Singapore, regardless of your level of experience.


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1. Apply for a Job in Singapore You Qualify For

Before starting the job hunt, it is important that you first take time to decide on what position you want. Ideally, your target job should fall in line with your college qualifications and any experience you might have if you are to increase the chances of landing on the interview shortlist. Avoid applying for every job you come across, including some that certainly don’t match your qualifications. Nonetheless, don’t narrow your search to a particular post in one specific industry. It may never come along, and even when it does, they might settle for someone more qualified.

2. Apply and Volunteer for Internships

If you just graduated from college, one of the first realities of the job market you will most likely face is the continued reluctance by most industries to hire inexperienced staff. Therefore, approach different companies especially startups and volunteer to intern with them. By doing so, you increase your chances of being absorbed as their permanent staff they start expanding operations and setting up permanent positions and departments within the organization.

Nonetheless, even with your years of experience, you can consider joining startups with a high potential for growth. When done on time with a fast-paced company, it could turn out as a wise career move as you get to ascend the career ladder to senior leadership just as fast as the business grows. The key here remains to be content with low pay during the developmental stages.

3. Engage a Recruitment Agency

Did you know that most startups either don’t have a properly functioning human resource department? Initially, most founders play the role of overall manager. They thus tend to outsource some of their services like employees recruitment to reputable staffing agencies around Singapore. Additionally, most of these agencies source work from multiple industries and can, therefore, turn out as your best shot in speeding up your journey to scoring your desired job.

4. Look for Jobs Online

Singapore is gradually edging towards becoming a technological center, especially that most companies here have a global reach and clientele. In effect, most companies have embraced digitization, and most of their services are now accessible online, with career opportunities notwithstanding. You should spend time browsing through the company pages as well as internet job market websites (Future Work) for new openings.

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5. Attend Jobs Events and Seminars in Your Field of Qualification

Singapore is a multi-industry city. You should, therefore expect several industrial meet-ups and workshops geared to towards bringing together different companies in similar industries. Whether you are exploring options on how to get a job in Singapore within a represented sector or seek to cross over to another industry, you can use these seminars to your advantage. Attend the events and engage as much as possible with the attendees while exchanging contacts. Later on, you can request them to keep you in the loop about openings in their places of work.

6. Join Professional Networks

Don’t feel discouraged if your preferred industry doesn’t hold seminars or other events often. You can still connect with notable industry players by targeting them on the different professional networks. However, the importance of the first impression after connection matters. In fact, most of these professionals go through your online profile before accepting your invitations. Therefore, first polish up your professional profile before sending out professional connection requests and cold-pitching the human resource personnel on your network.

7. Register with a Professional Body

Sometimes, getting the necessary qualifications and graduating from a good college or university just isn’t enough. Some companies remain strict about how they source employees and won’t hire professionals without affiliation to a professional body, local or international. You also must have come across job adverts categorically requesting professionals with membership to a particular professional organization or just listing the requirement as an added advantage.

It, therefore, becomes necessary to register with such bodies to increase your chances of employment. It also increases your chances of scoring an opportunity with companies that only advertise their opportunities within these institutions in addition to expanding your networks.

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8. Tailor Your CV

Does your resume clearly highlight all your abilities or is your cover letter straight to the point about the position you apply for as well as why you stand most suited for the job? These form the primary points that every potential employer evaluates when deciding on whether or not to include you in their interviewee shortlist. You need to evaluate your CV after every few months to ensure it aligns with skis and capabilities.

You should also avoid reusing cover letters and always strive to tailor each to match the demands of the current job opening. Consider engaging the services of professional CV writers in Singapore for professional CV writing service. Most recruitment agencies also offer to review your resume and advice on areas that need change or improvement.

9. Enhance Your Skill Set

You most probably didn’t graduate alone in your college with your particular set of skills. Therefore, you can only increase your chances of employment by increasing your competitiveness in the job market. This involves subscribing to various courses on campus and online that enhance your job qualifications by strengthening your skill set. However, ensure that the each complementary course you take falls among the most in-demand course in your field of specialization or your preferred industry.

10. Prepare for the Interview

By now, you must be familiar with the saying that a good resume and cover letter might land your name on the employer’s shortlist, but it takes the interview to get a job. This implies that after receiving an invite for a job interview, you should take time to prepare for it by familiarising yourself with some of the most common interview questions. Take equally enough time polishing up your knowledge of the prospective company as well as the industry in which it operates.

You can even take up a mock interview online. Alternatively, let your friend or acquaintance play the interviewer and you the interviewee. Remember that impression and confidence matters during an interview and thus take time to groom well before the interview.

The Bottom Line

Once armed with the right qualifications, a polished up CV, and convincing cover letter, finding jobs in Singapore becomes easier. However, considering there are an ever-increasing number of locals and foreigners applying for similar jobs, you have to adopt strategies that allow you faster and direct access to opportunities before they are posted to the public like networking. You should also consider policies that give you a competitive advantage over the rest like enhancing your skills and qualification by taking up short professional courses. You should also take advantage of the online job markets as they have gradually transformed to sources of real-time job updates.

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How to Get a Job in Singapore