Professional Jobs in Malaysia [Overview for Expats]

What are the Best Job Opportunities in Malaysia?

A lucrative job often comes with attractive compensation and fringe benefits. This means higher standards of living and self-satisfaction. The rate of compensation an employee receives is normally determined by the industry, job location and the position or designation being advertised. Malaysia is increasingly becoming a favourite destination for international tourists and expatriates looking for jobs overseas. The main lifestyle attractions here include white sandy beaches, lush green rainforest and a wide range of culinary delights.

According to a 2017 report published by Business Insider, the highest paid jobs in Malaysia are found in the engineering, computer, IT and healthcare sectors. The other lucrative industries are oil and gas and biotechnology industries. People working in Kuala Lumpur and other regions of central Malaysia tend to enjoy higher salaries compared to the rest of the country.

Advances in technology have also transformed the work environment. The development has seen the emergence of new careers such as data scientist, robotic engineers and digital marketer.

Learn More about Malaysia

The Southeast Asian nation of Malaysia has a population of slightly more than 30 million. The country has 11 states and 2 federal territories spread across two major landmasses, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (the Malaysian Borneo). The landmasses are separated by the South China Sea, which is a busy trading route in the vast Asian continent.

In terms of attractions, Malaysia boasts several UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites, namely; the historic city of George Town, the Lenggong Valley archeological site and Gunung Mulu National Park. The largest cities are Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Ipoh and Johor Bohru. The country runs an open, diversified economy and its governing structure is modelled on a constitutional monarchy.

The life and Culture of Malaysian People

Malaysia is a microcosm of ethnic and cultural diffusion. According to Commisceo Global, the Malays constitute 50% of the population, followed by Chinese 24% and Indian 11%. The diversity is welcome news to international expatriates and international students who form a growing segment of the population. Due to its geographical location, Malaysia mostly experiences a tropical climate.

The Malaysia Economic Overview and Outlook

In the last three decades Malaysia has experienced tremendous economic growth. The impressive growth has seen a net reduction in poverty rates and income inequalities. According to the World Bank, 40% of the jobs in Malaysia are directly interlinked to export activities. Since the Asian economic crisis of 1998, the country average growth rate has stood at over 5%, a feat that is expected to propel the country into the ranks of high income countries by 2024.

The report shows only 1% of the country population lives in extreme poverty. According to the bank’s assessment, Malaysia’s near term growth prospects will be hinged on the government led measures to sustain private sector as export led growth takes a back seat. A lot of this long term growth prospects will be will be tied to growth in productivity. In spite of positive outlook and employment prospect, youth unemployment is still a huge concern in Malaysia.

According to Education Spiral, the Malaysian youth unemployment rate stands at 11%. The figure is much higher than the national average unemployment rate of only 3.3%. The reason advanced for the high unemployment rate among graduates is the mismatch in student qualifications and the workforce need. Most of the unemployed graduates also have outdated information posted in their CV’s and lack relevant skills that match the industry specifications.

What are the Top Careers in Malaysia for Experts?

The number of expatriates working in Malaysia is on an upwards trajectory. According to International Citizens, the top 5 careers for experts are as follows:

  1. Information Communications Technology (ICT)

The ICT sectors is expanding and creating many jobs in the process. Case in point is the high demand for data scientists as Malaysia looks for experts to analyze various statistics. The other popular jobs include programmers, software engineers and AI experts with machine learning and statistical modelling skills.

  1. Accountants

A growing economy and rising standards of living across the Malaysian republic has created lots of job opportunities for auditors and tax consultants. Demand is also high for finance technology and actuarial science experts. Employment prospects can enhance their candidacy by adding critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills and a command of the English language.

  1. Engineers

The growing in commercial and residential real estate sector in Malaysia has created opportunities for structural engineers and architects to thrive. Similarly, expatriates with surveying and design skills can find work as project engineers and project managers, among other high paying positions.

  1. Human Resource Management

Human resource managers with 5 to 10 years of experience can easily find work in Malaysia. The most sought HR competencies include employee branding, business management and talent acquisition. Expatriate, human resource managers can also seek work in the country’s fast growing logistics and supply chain, where lots of opportunities exists in the distribution and transportation sub-sectors.

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  1. Social Media Marketing

As more Malaysians turn to social media to interact with friends and acquaintances, various companies are looking for experienced hands to manage their growing social media engagement. This has created an opportunity for foreign social media managers with marketing and branding experience to work in Malaysia. Expatriate, sales and marketing professionals working in the commercial and industrial sector are also in high demand.

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Authorities in Malaysia have set conditions as well as restrictions on the number of employees a company can hire. Companies are generally allowed to hire employees in positions that have a fewer qualified Malaysians. According to a UK job consulting firm Prospect, the top industries in the country at the moment are agriculture, construction, medical technology, electronics, tourism and financial services. However, the graduates entering Malaysia’s job market mostly prefer civil engineering, doctor, accountant, computer and software specialist and business consulting jobs. A growing number of expatriates in Malaysia are also finding work in the aviation industry.

The Malaysia’s aviation sector has in the recent years witnessed cut-throat competition and unstable demand. The sub-sector broadly covers pilot training, aeronautics and aviation mechanics. Under these categories, the most popular aircraft jobs in Malaysia include that of jet mechanics, piloting, airport management and electrical engineering. These jobs are found in local and international airports, airlines and aircraft maintenance facilities. The government and corporate organizations are also among the largest employers of aircraft professionals. Getting a job before traveling into Malaysia can go a long way to save you time and minimize job search anxiety.

The experience is enhanced by applying for a work permit and getting a sponsoring employer. The recruitment’s by large organizations based in Malaysia are often conducted and submitted online. A size-able number of companies will also request for the traditional Curriculum Vitae and cover letter. Job applicants can make their CV’s attractive to employers by adding voluntary work and activities such as teaching, communal support and environmental conservation. Expatriates interested in seasonal jobs can find work in the rapidly expanding hospitality industry.

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Professional Jobs in Malaysia [Overview for Expats]