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The first and most intuitive action to take when searching for a job in Singapore is to check out a local jobs board like Future Work. Now we all know the major job market places like Monster and ST Jobs etc… but we often neglect the smaller, local and niche jobs boards. It’s definitely worth exploring a niche, targeted or local jobs board.

Buy narrowing down your jobs board options you will pin-point relevant recruiters and local employers alike. It’s not uncommon to spend hours looking at jobs that are totally irrelevant. It may be nice to see what colour the grass is on the other side, and how much different industries pay, or the benefits they offer, but ultimately you are no further in the job acquisition timeline, which is the main purpose of your research.

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Keeping Your Jobs Board Local or Niche

It’s not always easy to find a dedicated online jobs board that is focussed on employment in your area, When you enter your desired job title into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, advertisers typically with big budgets will dominate the first few pages of search results. In this day in age it’s all about drilling down into your specific job requirements and not wasting your valuable time with unsuitable employers.

An online jobs market place is a great way to view current vacancies and gauge salaries within your local area, expertise or chosen profession.

You can also upload your CV and cover letter once to your favorite jobs board and send it out electronically many times, at no cost in response to job ads featured on the site. Also recruiters will search and sort CV’s on a jobs board when looking for their perfect candidate. So you may overlook or may not find your dream employer but they may find you! Always remember to check your notifications daily and remain a proactive job seeker.

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Your Singapore Jobs Board – Future Work