Hey Job Seekers, It’s 2018 Time To Get Up And Get Hired

With a new year comes a new list of concerns for Singaporean job seekers. What does the current job market look like? Are there openings for the type of work you seek? The employment sector is ripe with opportunities for job seekers if you’re willing to look for them.

Growth Across Industries in Singapore

Although problems in the past with the economy and a dependence on foreign workers caused concerns for Singaporeans, CNBC reports that skilled workers such as those who are nurses or restaurant managers have an advantage because the need for people like them in the medical and hospitality industry is great. Now is as good of time as any to learn a new trade, brush up on skills that you haven’t used in a while, and renew or acquire certifications and special training.

Job Seekers Wake up in Singapore

Tools are Readily Available to Help Singaporean Job Seekers Look for Work

2018 offers many options for the currently unemployed. If you’re wondering how to get a job, don’t worry. There are tools at your disposal to make the process less daunting.

Having the right resources allows you to experience greater ease while searching for a job as a job seeker. Rather than waste valuable time or miss out on important opportunities to connect with employers, you’re able to see what is available to you as a willing and capable employee right away.

Narrowing Your Options Frees Up Your Time for Other Activities

By regularly accessing the resources made available to you, you narrow your job search by identifying the best opportunities for someone with your talents, education, experience, and skillset. Your time isn’t wasted on dead-end opportunities that don’t support you, your lifestyle, and dreams. Instead, you’re able to find work that aligns with your values and demonstrates your knowledge, expertise, and creativity.

How to Become More Hireable in Five Easy Steps

If you don’t want to repeat the same luck last year brought with its lack of job opportunities, there are things you can do differently that help support you in your job search. Becoming more hireable is easy when you follow a specific course of action.

Here are five easy steps that get you pointed in the right direction.

  1. Look closely at your cover letter and CV. Do you see what potential employers see? If you had only five minutes to review everything, would you feel confident in the summarisation of your skills, experience, and passion for what you do? Are there sections that need to be omitted or added to? An up-to-date cover letter template and CV helps you get your foot in the door and into the position that you want to work in long-term.
  2. Update your training and certifications. While you’re waiting to nab the perfect position, increase your chances of doing so by updating your knowledge and skills. When you take the initiative to seek learning opportunities of your own, you send a powerful message to an employer. You let them know how driven you are, and that you’re a self-starter that needs little direction to get a project or task started. Once acquired, make sure to list the training and certifications on your CV so employers can see just how valuable you are to their business.
  3. Keep your social media accounts professional. If you list them on your CV for employers to see, make sure that the accounts are void of personal pictures and posts that others might find offensive or paints you in a negative image. A weekend trip with your friends that involves an abundance of adult beverages doesn’t paint you in a good light. Remember, an employer knows nothing more about you than what you share with them. Be professional and you’ll have better luck finding the right job.
  4. Look the part. Rather than wait until you’ve gotten the job to dress to impress, start today. Have some professional headshots taken in your new clothes. Show off your new haircut or colour. Have interview-worthy clothing on hand so that you’re always ready to meet with a potential employer. Lifehack recommends dressing slightly nicer than what you would ordinarily wear to the office. That lets the employer know that you’ve done your homework on the company’s workplace culture and dress code. It also allows you to be seen as someone who follows the rules and maintains the image of the brand that has been created.
  5. Seek opportunities wherever you go. Keep an open mind and always be looking for jobs when you’re out and about. Let others know that you’re seeking employment, too. That way, if the right opportunity presents itself, you’ll be ready. You won’t miss it because you weren’t aware that such opportunities existed. You’ll be ready with your CV to apply, go on the interview, and accept the job that you wanted so badly for yourself.

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You already possess everything you need to be hired for your perfect job. You must believe in your abilities, too. By preparing in advance for your next interview, you avoid the mistakes that so many job seekers make while speaking to a representative of a company.

You’ve done your research and learned what the company projects itself doing in the future. You’re acquainted with pay options and benefits. You’ve got a good sense of what type of work you’re being hired to do, too.

Get the Latest News About Employment Opportunities That Interest You

Upload your CV and subscribe to our mailing list for future updates, job tips, and notification when the job marketplace is officially open. Staying on top of the job market helps you find the right employer to meet your needs as an employee. Taking a pro-active stance to job-seeking ensures that you never miss out on the right opportunity and that you’re hired quickly in 2018.

You’ll increase the likelihood of you finding steady employment in 2018 if you change your approach. Rather than wait for the right opportunity to come to you, why not do what it takes to secure a job in the industry of your choice? By keeping your eyes and mind open, you’ll be able to do that easily in the upcoming year.

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Hey Job Seekers, It’s 2018 Time To Get Up And Get Hired