Urgent Job Recruitment in Singapore

Singapore is an ideal location for many reasons. The beautiful, sunny island nation has a number of amenities to offer. Not only that, but jobs are in short supply, leading to a hiring burst the likes of which we have never seen. If you are looking for employment and want great conditions, here is what you need to know about the urgent job recruitment in Singapore.

Why is There So Much Job Recruitment in Singapore?

Unique market conditions have a created a high demand for hiring in Singapore right now. First, the economy in Singapore continues to grow rapidly, like much of Asia. Secondly, there is a shortage of qualified labor to fill the roles that these companies need.

If companies don’t hire fast, they will miss key opportunities for growth, as their production will go down. In order to avoid this, companies are offering better salaries, perks, and also loosening restrictions.

Singapore is embracing the rapid pace of innovative technology and you could be the next person to benefit from an amazing career opportunity.

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Industries That Are Hiring

Many different career and job opportunities exist right now. There is a demand in finance, technology, and transportation, as well as hospitality. Managers, nurses, chefs, waiters, house keepers, drivers, engineers, accountants, programmers, assistants, and sales professionals are all needed.

Software development is in particularly high demand. The reason is that the city is embracing technology an growing in a rapid fashion. Transportation is being evolved, and the government is working with IBM and other data companies to use big data and make it more efficient on the SMRT transportation system.

They are doing this by using information from smart phones and other mobile applications. This means that mobile developers with skillsets like Android and iOS will have their pick of careers.

Positions to Consider

If you are wondering what kind of job to apply for, it is worth considering that technology and finance sectors will always feature high paying gigs. If you are familiar with IT frameworks, you can be a security consultant. If you know HTML, CSS, or Javascript, then opportunities are open for web development.

As always, fintech (finance technology) will be evolving rapidly and demand people to fill roles. Scalable algorithms are key in this banking industry. If you have experience with project management or C++, C#, or even Java, then you might be in luck. These digital technologies allow companies to innovate iteratively and stay ahead of the competition.

Labor Laws

One of the primary concerns people have when looking for work is the regulation and laws that can protect them. Singapore is perhaps the best location in the world with regard to labor laws. These laws are designed to make workers happy and help them avoid suffering any kind of harsh conditions. This is one of the reasons Singapore is such a great place to live and work.

Facilities and Perks

In some cities, accommodations do not impress you. However, in Singapore, many jobs offer free housing and rent or at least they help you pay for part of it. In addition, they even offer meal tickets and other food additions. Sometimes, travel can be covered as well.
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Tickets and Visas

One of the major challenges of getting work in Singapore if you are from outside the country is getting a visa and paying for the ticket there. These costs can seem quite high. Luckily, due to the high demand for employees in Singapore, these costs are often being waived by the companies that are conducting interviews. This gives it a distinct advantage over other cities like Hong Kong.


Salaries in Singapore are on the rise due to the urgent recruitment going on. Jobs in Singapore can pay from USD $150k to $200k for some positions such as senior app developer, bank manager, relationship manager, and more.

Other jobs still have strong salary numbers and additional perks depending on your qualifications.

City of Opportunity

Singapore is known as a global commercial hub. It is known as the most “technology ready” country (WEF), hosting the most international meetings (UIA), and the place with the best potential for investments (BERI).

It is the second most competitive nation in the world, the third largest market for exchanges and finance, it boasts a large oil and refinery business. It even has container ships and ports that do major numbers.

Tax Breaks

There are few countries on earth that are considered tax havens. Singapore is one of them. Therefore, not only can your pay be higher here, but the amount you keep in your pocket can be more too.

Imagine how far those extra percentage points can go in your business investments, gold, real estate, and personal income.

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Singapore is at number 5 on the UN HDI (Human Development Index), it boasts the third largest GDP per capita in the globe. It has tremendous education rankings, as well as healthcare and life expectancy. The quality of life in Singapore is simply impressive.

Safety when walking the streets or taking transportation is at an all-time high. And housing is high quality and affordable. The official languages in Singapore are English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Most people from Singapore speak at least two languages.


Singapore operates as a unitary parliamentary republic. It is based of a Westminster system. Since 1959, the People’s Action Party has won all the elections. PAP being in power plus the press freedom restrictions mean there are less violent outbreaks and it is seen as being semi-authoritarian sometimes.

Outdoor Entertainment

Singapore boasts a number of ways to enjoy the outdoors. If you have seen any pictures, it is obvious how many green spaces there are. In fact, inside the city is known as one of the most green metros in the world.

With numerous parks, trails, and trees at every corner, you can enjoy a picnic or drink out with friends at your leisure. Plus, due to the high level of safety in Singapore, it is okay to walk around at all times of night or day.

Indoor Entertainment

With bars, restaurants, and clubs at every corner, this nation is a paradise for indoor entertainment. You will never struggle to find somewhere to have a refreshing ice tea, lemonade, or fresh salad with friends.

There is a reason so many relationships begin here. With romantic settings and quality eating options, it’s a match made in heaven for first dates.

When it comes to finding a job, it can be a difficult process. However, it doesn’t need to be like that every time. Luckily, in Singapore, a hiring frenzy is happening. Workers are in high demand and short supply. Many amazing industries are bringing in foreigners and citizens to accept high salaries and great working conditions. If you’re looking for a career in this city, use a recruitment agency who can help you bridge the gap in the best way possible.

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Urgent Job Recruitment in Singapore