Why Singapore is the New Destination for IT Professionals?

The beautiful island and city-state of Singapore is an economic powerhouse at the moment. The city is a magnet for bringing in IT professionals from all around the globe. And right now, Singapore is taking a hint from its demand on the economy to hire more professionals. Singapore’s market is trending toward digital strategy, and that means IT recruitment is on the rise.

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Why Information Technology is on the Rise

The increasing dependence on information technology stems from a few factors. First, Singapore uses ICT (infocomm technology) which has made this a smart city connected with data via networks. This has raised the standard of living by bringing more opportunities and connecting communities like never before.

This infrastructure has allowed commuters to be mobile in a smarter way. With real time information at their finger tips, they can plan their trips accordingly. This use of big data in a small city is paving the way to solve more problems.

While Singapore is undoubtedly a first world country, they suffer public transportation problems like disrupted trains, busy pedestrian cars on buses, and traffic in general. The government has expressed its willingness to use technology to solve these problems.


A new change happened when they worked with the LTA (Land Transport Authority) of Singapore, Starhub (a local telecom giant) and IBM to use the data and technology available to them to make the commuting experience better. That is being called Fusion Analytics for Public Transport Emergency Response (FASTER).

FASTER will track fare cards of users to put into data models and analyze situations, predict impacts, and reduce delays. SMRT, the company that runs Singapore’s trains, will use this data as well as video data they record of commuters, and their cell phone data to track commuters and see where they go on a daily basis. This will allow them to put the information together and make train operations more smooth by predicting crowds.

There are a number of areas in which Singapore needs more tech workers:

Engineering and Development

Overall, Singapore’s market is growing strongly with regards to programming languages. In particular demand are iOS, Android, C#, .net, Python, and Javascript. This demand is coming largely from SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) who are looking to leverage mobile applications and eCommerce.

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Application Development

The internet is showing no signs of slowing down. With the increase in web startups, application developers are in higher demand than ever. These pros need to be able to make apps on mobile, web, tablet, and computer devices.

They must be able to deliver quality content, complete projects, and create a user experience (UX) that communicates brand objectives and moves the company farther toward their end goals.

With virtually every company needing a website of some sort today, this sector will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Languages and skill sets needed in this sector are: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS, .net, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Perl.

Developers Mug - IT RecruitmentCloud Computing

Many companies are looking to put their data in the cloud. In order to do this, they are taking models from companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere that have already achieved this. However, there is a shortage of those that understand how to manage servers, code them correctly, and scale well with agile big data.

This creates an opening for consultants and teams that know how to iterate on software and hardware solutions for financial and banking institutions.

Data and Security

In Singapore, data and computer security are incredibly prized. Consultants specializing in these fields are in high demand from low level, entry position support staff all the way up to senior management.

This is coming from an increase in awareness over how important security is. With the recent phishing and hacking attacks that have affected small businesses, large corporations, and even government agencies, Singaporean companies want to get ahead of the curve.

They understand the value of investing money to protect their proprietary data, as well as that of their clients. This info is sensitive, and especially when data is stored in the cloud for big data purposes. Programmers that know Linux or Unix are going to lead the way with cyber security.

Financial Haven

Singapore is no stranger to finance. Banking and finance are strong industries in this country. Those with strong knowledge in these areas will not have any issues finding employment if they have the proper representation of their skills.

Examples of skills needed include Security Engineers, Development Managers, Application Support, Junior Developers, Senior Developers, Risk Management Associates, and Relationship Managers.

Speaking more specifically of applications, many corporations need those who can develop for the insurance and banking industries. They are looking for those with experience in Java, .Net, and C.

If candidates have business analysis or management skills, they can be open to even more opportunities. Regulatory guidelines require them to stay current with a certain amount of security personnel as well.

Foreign Workers / Expats

Singaporean companies hire foreign workers all the time. This is an important source of human capital for them. Sometimes, they’re need for their language skills. Other times, there are legal or other reasons. However, no matter how you look at this, expats can indeed find great careers in Singapore.

Certain sectors are more popular and better for expats than others, and luckily technology is one of those. From technology, to trade, to science, to development, to manufacturing, and even tourism, there is something for everyone.

Over 60,000 foreign employees were working in Singapore in 2014. Many of these workers earned very high wages. They also paid low taxes compared with back home. That means their disposable income was at a sizeable level, allowing them to enjoy the entertainment that Singapore has to offer.


Companies are so confident about technology growth, that they don’t only hire experts. Many companies are willing to hire those who have little experience. Sometimes, job seekers find that the company will pay for a worker who needs to be trained from the ground up, including housing and other perks during the training. The job shortage is so huge that the pool of labor has become a valuable commodity and workers are enjoying this competition among companies.

When looking at Singapore’s job growth, technology is the sector to go with. With so many great opportunities for those who specialize in information technology, paired with the high standard of living and safety of Singapore, the city is a great choice for any smart job seeker. From web development, to app management, to security consulting, a variety of jobs in the technology sector are giving rise to strong and robust economy in Singapore.

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Why Singapore is the New Destination for IT Professionals?