Jobs for Filipinos in Singapore

Singapore An Island of Opportunity

Known the world over as the “Lion City,” Singapore lies in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Although a small country, it is famous for its cosmopolitan, multicultural population. It has a robust economy, stable government, high standard of living, and boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Offering financial compensation packages comparable to the US or UK, this nearby powerhouse of the Pacific region is only a three and a half hour flight from Manila. For hard-working, adventure-seeking Filipinos like you, Singapore is a gold mine of opportunity.

Thousands of Jobs for Filipinos in Singapore Right Now

Because it serves as a hub for so many multinational corporations, there are a lot of opportunities for jobs in Singapore for Filipinos. Professionals in diverse fields such as banking & finance, IT & communications, healthcare, and the hotel & food service industry are in high demand. And thanks to advances in technology, it has never been easier to find jobs for Filipinos in Singapore. More employers than ever before post job openings online and workers can easily upload their CVs and apply for interesting positions that correspond to their experience, skills, and degree.

Philippine ambassador to Singapore Antonio Morales recently told ABS-CBN News that there are thousands of jobs hiring in Singapore for Filipinos. He said this is in addition to their consistent need for domestic or household workers. He added that just in the aviation industry alone there are approximately six thousand vacancies.

Jobs for Filipinos in Singapore

Most Competitive Wages in Asia

Compared to other Asian countries and the Middle East, employers in Singapore offer some of the most competitive salary and benefits packages. Thanks partly to its advantageous tax structure, many professional positions in Singapore can pay (after taxes) as much as three times more than a similar job in the Philippines. For entry level jobs in the service industry, the difference can be even greater.

Great Benefits

In Singapore, you don’t have to wait until you’ve been employed for at least a year to file for your annual leave to visit home, like in other countries. In Singapore you can request your leave at any time. You are also entitled to medical leave. In short, you will enjoy practically the same rights and benefits as citizens without being subject to the same obligations, such as serving two years in the army. But if becoming a citizen is something that interests you, foreigner workers are eligible to apply for citizenship after residing in Singapore for a number of years.

No Need to Shop for a New Wardrobe!

Singapore is closer to the equator than the Philippines and tends to be hotter. Although the weather is similar, in Singapore there is no distinction between the rainy and dry seasons. At least if you move to Singapore, you won’t have to buy any winter clothes!

Excellent Healthcare

If you get sick, don’t worry: healthcare in Singapore is considered the most advanced in Asia and ranks sixth in the entire world.

Singapore is Just Around The Corner

An important reason why so many Filipinos seek their fortunes in Singapore is that it’s so easy and affordable to travel home for visits. Airlines offer low fares between Singapore and Shabu, and many Filipinos make frequent trips to their native land during holidays or days off from work. Best of all, the time zone is the same, so when you go home for your mother’s birthday or your sister’s wedding, you won’t have jet lag!

You’ll Feel Right at Home

Another great thing about Singapore is you won’t feel homesick thanks to its large and vibrant Filipino expat community. It’s easy to meet your fellow Kabayans and to participate in activities with them:

  • The Cornerstone Community Church holds mass in Tagalog and has support groups where you can make new friends.
  • Artists and bands from the Philippines often visit and give concerts.
  • You can find authentic Filipino cuisine everywhere, whether it’s fast food from Jollibee or favorite dishes from Tapa King and Gerry’s Grill.
  • Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road is crowded with OFWs and resembles a typical Filipino mall. Goods there are sold inexpensively in bulk.

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You won’t feel any pressure to give up your cultural identity in Singapore. On the contrary, Filipinos and other foreign nationals feel welcome there: thirty-five percent of the population comes from abroad and an ever-increasing number of its new citizens were born overseas. The official languages are English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

A Clean, Comfortable, Fun Place to Live

Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world. The population is disciplined and law-abiding and they have strict rules against littering, smoking, spitting, chewing gum, and even feeding the pigeons. The roads and infrastructure are also well-maintained according to Singapore’s high standards, and public transportation and taxis are all air conditioned. You will love Singapore’s peaceful environment. In your free time you can:

  • Stroll through the Botanic Gardens or Marina Bay.
  • Take yourself window shopping on Orchard Road.
  • Visit Singapore’s world-famous zoo with its eleven different wildlife zones and exhibits.
  • Relax at the Gardens by the Bay.
  • Cross the gateway to the island resort of Sentosa and visit Adventure Cove Waterpark or the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Affordable Housing

You don’t have to be rich to find good housing in Singapore. Rent is high in the city’s luxurious shopping districts, but OFWs are able to find affordable accommodations near the East Coast Park. Filipino expats are partial to the area’s lush gardens and proximity to the beach. Other OFWs choose to live on the West Coast because it’s close to Jurong Industrial Town where they work. Finally, some Filipinos opt to live in the residential towns of Toa Payoh, Woodland, Yishun, and Ang Mo Kio located in the north of the Island. These areas may be far from the centre, but they are an easy commute by train.

Take the Next Step

If you dream of finding prosperity and making a new life for yourself in Singapore, sign up for job alerts now and upload your CV to today!

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Jobs for Filipinos in Singapore