10 Unconventional (But Very Effective) Tips For Today’s Job Seekers in Singapore

The job hunt is always one that is tricky. You do not want to be over-ambitious about employment so that the hiring manager thinks you are desperate. At the same time, it is imperative that you show interest and excitement about the opportunity at hand so that your potential employer does not look elsewhere. With so many twists and turns in your job search in Singapore, one may wonder which road is best to travel.

There are mainly four proven ways to be noticed and even pursued while in search of the ideal position. The first step is to, of course, make your CV enticing. You do not want to falsify information, but you do want to ensure that the skills you possess are presented in their best light. Instead of shedding a dim view of your filing capabilities, consider emphasising your excellent organisational skills as demonstrated through your responsibility to file documents on a daily basis.

It is also important to dress for the occasion when you are called in for a job interview. The last thing that you want to do is get a potential employer’s expectations high only to disappoint them by wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt to the meeting.

ten job seeker tips

It is said that pursuing the career that you love is the best way to present yourself in the most favorable light. Several experts, however, have challenged this and other conventional theories concerning employment. Here, then, are ten unconventional tips to use with traditional pointers for job seekers in Singapore.

  1. Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable

You were told that asking a potential employer for advice is not the way to assert yourself as knowledgeable. Such statement, however, is not entirely accurate. While you should not ask questions that may speak of your inability to perform primary job duties, it is not a problem to initiate an online conversation with business executives before a job opening becomes available that includes you asking for advice. In some instances, you may have opportunities come your way as hiring managers like questions that lead to innovativeness.

  1. Do Not Necessarily Pursue Your Passion

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want in life and chasing that dream. Studies show, however, that many people who end up loving their line of work were not initially passionate about the field. It was only through dedication and openness to development that employees who possibly despised their work came to love it. You do not have to adore the field that you are pursuing. You should, however, have an interest in it.

  1. Create a Position of Your Own

Many job seekers believe that they are shut out from the work sphere if their skills do not match a position that already exists. You can, however, take the initiative and convince companies to create a role that only you can fill.

At the helm of the creative process is research. Study the industry and company that you are interested in to see where they are lacking. You can then do a bit of behind-the-scenes work to craft a solution to their dilemma that, of course, only you can solve. You must be vocal when attempting to create a position, which means that presenting the problem either directly or publicly to the company is necessary. Remember to respectfully submit the problem and solution to avoid the company taking your advice and finding someone else to fill the role due to their distaste for your attitude.

  1. Listen

It should be evident that an interview is not just about you presenting your talents but also about the hiring manager telling you about the company. So many job seekers, however, are so busy trying to show themselves as viable assets that they fail to listen to everything that is said. Make sure that you stand out by fostering an atmosphere where the interview is more of a conversation and less of a monologue.

  1. Put Your CV in the Hands of the Boss

This tip does not always work in one’s favour so use it sparingly. It is not ideal to merely apply for a job and hope for the best. Sometimes you have to go the extra step, which includes learning who makes the decisions and placing your credentials in his hands. The idea is for your potential boss to see how much drive you posses and reward you with a position at the company.

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  1. Get to Know the Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant is often overlooked and counted out as one who only holds the hiring manager’s calls during interviews. This vital person, however, is a direct link to the manager and can help push you forward if they like what they see. Consider engaging in a bit of conversation with the administrative assistant before a job opening becomes available. He/she may remember and suggest you for the role.

  1. Do Not Apply for a Job as Soon as it Becomes Available

Many anxious job seekers feel as if the opportunity for employment will pass them by if they are not the first ones to submit their resume the minute a job opening goes public. The truth is that it may be better for you to wait before applying for a potential opportunity to determine if you are indeed the right candidate. You would much rather evaluate yourself and find that you lack all of the essential qualifications than to waste your time with a hiring manager who tells you the same.

  1. Pay Attention to Body Language

Some candidates are so focused on ensuring that their body language exudes confidence that they forget to pay attention to the hiring manager’s expressions and movements. A manager, through his body language, can tell you if you are on the fast track to employment or if you should not expect a callback.

  1. Search for Work Now, and Find What You Love Later

It is not conventional for job seekers in Singapore to look for a job that they hate fresh out of college. The truth, though, is that many entry-level roles are not loveable positions. You want a job that challenges you with a bit of discomfort so that you feel compelled to go to the next level and earn more money.

  1. Become the Company’s Most Loyal Customer

Corporations enjoy hiring loyal customers because they usually make the best employees. Consider bragging about an establishment online and even joining their dependable customer program to show your appreciation for their goods and services. Do not forget to mention that you are one of the company’s biggest fans during your interview.

The days of conventional-only job searching are long gone. You need to combine a bit of out-the-box thinking with traditional concepts to get the job that you want in today’s market. Submit your CV here and subscribe for updates regarding employment in Singapore and job search tips!

10 Unconventional (But Very Effective) Tips For Today’s Job Seekers in Singapore