Top Time Saving Tips To Speed Up Your Job Search [In Singapore]

Job-hunting can be a tedious process. It can also consume more time than you intended initially, which can leave you vulnerable. To avoid that, consider the following tips to speed up your job search. They will help you speed up the process so that you can reap the rewards as soon as possible.

Have a Plan of What You Want and How to Get It

It is common sense that a good plan opens you to the world of opportunities. Without one, you will knock in all the wrong doors. You will also get offers from places you don’t want. In this day and age where you can survey a company’s culture before setting foot there, it is unwise to get a job just because you don’t have one.

You need a fulfilling job. You want to be compatible with the culture, vision, and mission of a company. If you don’t that, you will end up with an unsatisfying job that you will want to change in the future. The trick is to punch just high enough. While some people can handle c-suite positions while still young, it is good to start from the ground up. You can strengthen your skills and confidence, and then move up the ladder.

Time Saving Tips for your Job Search


Activate Your Networks

Before jobs are posted to the public and on job boards, the inside information is available from certain people. Social and professional networks can help you know when a job is about to become available. Some companies also hire through internships and management programs.

Fresh graduates and people who have taken a break from formal jobs for some time can benefit from such positions. You can also use volunteer programs to engage with a company. During these associate programs, one can create a network within the company that will help him get a job in the future.

However, don’t go to the point where it will be misread as canvassing. Be professional throughout your trial period. Remember, the essence of internship and associate programs is to retain the best brains. If there are no associate programs, you can volunteer. In the process, learn and make friends and professional contacts. They will come in handy when the time comes to determine who remains.


Create a Career Brand for Yourself

Today, creating yourself as a brand can help you land executive positions. People who create a portfolio of academic papers within a particular industry come out as authority brands. Luckily, you can build an online brand for yourself through academic blogs such as LinkedIn and Academia. You can post white papers, research papers, abstracts, books, articles, and podcasts.

Don’t shy away from voicing your professional opinion especially if it is backed by empirical evidence. People looking for STEM jobs can leverage on this model. If you are working on a program, you can contribute online about the industry. That will attract the right kind of crowd including your potential workmates and employers.


Customize Applications

There is a tendency to forward applications as they are. The motivation to tailor-make an application can reduce, as you grow frustrated after unsuccessful applications. Resist those temptations. The most important aspect of shortlisting today is the ability to customise your application.

Some shortlisting firms use keywords. The software only picks applicants with the right keywords in their CV’s. They want the best fit. Make your application the best fit they have. Use your current CV and cover letter as a template in every application.


Consider Professional Help

Professional CV writing, a cover letter and editing can be a game changer for you. However, be warned that there are dishonest players in this industry. They don’t have the experience and skills required to help a job applicant. Essentially, a professional resume writer should interview you beforehand.

He or she should know what type of job you want, the companies you would like to interest, career interests and goals, among many other things. Without that information, he or she will give you a good piece of literature, not a customised resume. Do your homework right about the company you are hiring.

Some people also offer interview coaching, public speaking, and confidence training. If you are struggling with anxiety, you can seek this professional help.


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Use Online Job Search Tools

Supplement your physical jobs search with an online search. The information online is more recent and this alone can speed up your job search. In case of a change of submission dates or new job postings, online job boards is the place to go. You can activate jobs alerts, too.

You can subscribe to email lists. However, be careful with that. Some marketplaces do not sieve though job postings. You may find frauds going through. They can also send you irrelevant job offerings. Look for those that allow you to filter the jobs that match your search criteria.


Prepare For Your Interview with a Copy of the Job Advert

Tossing the job advert is not a wise idea. The interviewer will want to know how best you fit into the advertised role. Look at the job description before heading out for the interview. Highlight parts of your CV that you would use to interest the interviewer.

You can also use them to select carefully the referees that match your intended role. For example, you may opt for a referee that trained and mentored you in a certain industry instead of your immediate supervisor. That way, you can interest the panel on expertise and training.


Stay Updated With Job Search Tips

The fact that you are here, it means you want to expedite this process as soon as possible. Staying sharp and focused is imperative. One way to do that is to stay ahead of the job market. Get job search tips and tricks from recruiters, agencies and HR professionals. You can follow them via social media. You can get industry reports and trends online.

You can submit your CV for review and get job tips from online sites. Some of them can offer you good advice on where to start. They can also keep you grounded in your job search. They have done their industry research to know average salaries, minimum requirements, and interview models. Kindly submit your CV for review here to make the first steps to speed up your job search.

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8 Time Saving Tips To Speed Up Your Job Search [In Singapore]