How to Write a Cover Letter for Your CV

A cover letter is not a CV in itself, but in fact, a description of your personality and your compatibility for the job according to the requirements of the advertised post from the employer. It is attached with your CV when you send it to your prospective employer.

Learning how to write a cover letter for your CV is very important because you have to write it in the best way to grab the attention of your prospective employer. Job cover letters are very important because they portray the picture of you, the applicant in front of the employer.

You can see example cover letters for CV’s at many sites online, and you will be able to write a good cover letter while applying for any job. Search online and then write for practise to hone your new found skills.

There are many different jobs that are posted online on jobs boards and job market places. A good place to start is Future Work. Every advertised position demands different educational background and experience levels. If you feel that you are eligible for a particular job, then you must write a cover letter in which you will explain yourself and how you match the requirements of the posted job opportunity. Your cover letter should grab the attention of the employer so that, they consider you for the advertised post.

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Step by Step Guide to Cover Letter Writing

Learning how to write a cover letter for your CV is very easy. Here are the different steps that should be taken to write great job cover letters.

  • You should explain the reason of your CV to the recipient.
  • You should mention the source from where you got to know about the job post.
  • Your cover letter must demonstrate the potential, so that the reader feels an urge to pick up and read your CV.
  • You should mention your skills and experience that match the job requirements. For this, you should review examples of good cover letters for CV’s.
  • You have to show a knowledgeable and positive attitude towards your new job.
  • Every job has different requirements so you have to write a bespoke cover letter for every job you apply too. Do not send out the same cover letter to all job applications!
  • You should be concise in writing the cover letter and avoid long stories because, employers do not have much time to read every cover letter, and they prefer short and meaningful cover letters. It should be no more than one page in length. Your font and writing style should be clear and impressive.
  • You should always double check your cover letter after checking because there can be any grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistakes.
  • Your cover letter should portray your confidence level so you should have to be confident while writing a cover letter. You should not exaggerate in it because those skills that are not present in you, and you are writing about them, can cause issues for you in the long term.

Six Point to Remember on Your Cover Letter

Different cover letters can be found on the internet that will give you a hint of how to write a winning cover letter to accompany your CV. Also remember, your cover letter must always include:

  • Your complete contact details such as; your full name, telephone number, postal address and email address. You should write all these things clearly so that your employer can easily contact you.
  • You have to write details of the employer company. You have to mention the name of company as well as its complete address. If you know the name of the specific person, then you can write it otherwise, only mention the name of the department that is concerned with your job application.
  • You must write the date of sending your cover letter. The date should be in the correct format such as; 12th January 2018 instead of; 12/01/18.
  • Write the correct salutation and opening in which, you have to address the recipient (Mr. Mrs. or Miss etc.).
  • You have to mention the title of the letter because it will enable the reader to know what reason the letter is intended for.
  • You have to divide your cover letter in three paragraphs.
    • 1st paragraph – you have to write the reason for which you are writing the cover letter.
    • 2nd paragraph – you have to write about your skills, abilities and experience level that you are going to give to your employer.
    • 3rd paragraph – you have to summarise your cover letter.
    • You have to finish your cover letter with a good closer so that it leaves a good impression on the employer. You can write ‘yours sincerely’ or ‘yours faithfully’ to close the letter.

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Now because we have examined all the essential parts of a cover letter, writing it should not be a difficult task.

Cover letters are a very crucial part of your application for any job because, it demonstrates your personality and your attitude towards the job you are applying for. You have to be consistent in writing the cover letter because it will benefit you greatly in the future.

After viewing example cover letters for CV’s online and start to write your own, you will soon get command over this new skill. You will be able to write a cover letter according to every job with greater and greater confidence.

Getting a job in Singapore, with tough competition is not easy and you have to show employers who you are and why they should hire you. They cannot possibly know anything about you if you stay aside and demand for a good job.

Writing a cover letter for a CV was a difficult task when there was no know-how of job cover letters, but now, available example of cover letter are available freely online and are a good source of learning so you can write impressive cover letters that will be sent with your job application, along with your current CV.

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Your CV