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New Year – New Career

We have had a spectacular year of growth on our jobsboard from solidifying our base for jobs in Singapore to encompassing all 10 ASEAN nations.

Now as we look ahead to 2020 you can view over 4000 job ads on to find a new career in the new year.

We would also take this opportunity to review some of the most popular articles on our site in the best of the blog.

10 Fast Growing and High Paying jobs for Men

When browsing through careers that will continue to provide growth and fulfilment beyond the next couple of years, it is important to consider all of the trends that are on the horizon and will dictate the future professional landscape. It is imperative that you do not fall into the trap of embarking on a career that may seem promising, only to see a decline shortly after.

The safest bet is to focus on careers that are harnessing technological growth and demographic trends. Developments like artificial intelligence, telecommunications and global inter-connectivity of business are making professionals in fields like business and finance very much in demand. Click here for further reading.


Jobs in the Hospitality Industry

The world is changing, and the economy is evolving with it. Because of this, job seekers all over Singapore are scrambling to secure the best positions available for their skills. But often times, this can be very difficult. However, it doesn’t need to be. If you are looking for quality, consistent, flexible work, then working for a hotel in Singapore could be a great fit. Here is the outlook for hotel jobs in Singapore. Continue reading here.


Where is the Best Place to Look for Jobs at Tech Startup Companies in Singapore?

Singapore is experiencing growth like never before. And companies in various industries, especially startups, are hiring fast. This is great news for anyone looking for work in Singapore. However, one common problem people discover is actually finding the best place to look for these coveted tech startup jobs in Singapore. Therefore, here is some quality advice on how to find the right fit for you. Read more here.


Jobs in Brunei Darussalam

The job market in Brunei Darussalam is one of the healthiest you will find. With a wide range of careers for expats, the small and wealthy country in Southeast Asia offers a great opportunity for those willing to undertake the life-changing journey of a lifetime. Continue reading here.

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The Impact of the Hong Kong Protests on the Singapore Job Market

Since the rallies started last June, with a throng of residents protesting about a controversial bill that would for the first time ever permit suspects to be extradited to mainland China to face trial, tensions continue to escalate in Hong Kong with police resorting to tear gas and rubber bullets to ward off demonstrators. The financial hub in the heart of the city has been greatly affected by the Hong Kong protests because some activists targeted the prime area of the Hong Kong banking sector to ensure maximum impact and publicity. Read more here.


How Can Foreigners Find Jobs in Singapore

It’s not difficult to see why so very many employees—from countries all around the world, it should be noted—commonly ask, “How can foreigners find jobs in Singapore?

Singapore is a beautiful, vibrant country that’s home to kind locals, unparalleled culture, a multifaceted economy, and limitless opportunities. But as is the case with any effort to become employed in a foreign country, applicants would be wise to learn “the ropes” – that is, to research and understand the most effective ways to secure gainful employment. In this way, the chance of being hired can be maximised, even if an abundance of qualified foreign applicants are competing for the same positions.

To help foreigners get hired in Singapore, let’s take a look at some useful and effective tips! Click here for further insights.


Singapore Jobs in Demand – Fintech

Singapore is a small island country which of recent times have seen fast growth in its economy. Statistics show that Singapore is a highly developed country with a high per capita in its GDP. Growth in education, technology, healthcare, and lifestyle have further cemented the growth of Singapore’s economy.

Part fuelled by the FinTech boom, Singapore has achieve the status of one of the worlds most developed states and has made the country a major hub for digital payments innovations in recent years. To achieve this status, concerned Singapore agencies paid keen attention to the education bodies that have been able to produce top quality talent to meet the needs of startups and FinTech jobs. Read on…


Top 10 Fast-Growing and High Paying Careers for Women [In 2020 and Beyond]

When selecting a career, it’s important to look at the trends that will determine job market viability in the long term. What may seem like a lucrative career today may become obsolete within a matter of a few years if technological disruption renders your chosen field of work irrelevant.

Technological advancement has been proceeding at an exponential rate in recent years with no sign of slowing down. Never have your career choices been more facilitated by the rise of information technology and telecommunications than today. However, it’s always important to follow the money when thinking about your next career choice. What kinds of businesses is investment capital going into? These are the fields that will be flourishing in the future. Continue reading here.


The Future of Work is ASEAN

Now publishing jobs in ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations).

Since launching our jobs board and blog over 18 months ago, has built up a loyal following, increased website visitors and the number of job ads for professional jobs in Singapore.

We are now pleased to announce we are now expanding our reach for job seekers to all 10 ASEAN counties – Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We will be making changes to our website over the coming weeks to reflect on our more diverse job offerings, while maintaining our high quality blog posts and actionable information for all our readers. Read the full post here.


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