Top 10 Fast-Growing and High Paying Careers for Men [In 2020 and Beyond]

When browsing through careers that will continue to provide growth and fulfilment beyond the next couple of years, it is important to consider all of the trends that are on the horizon and will dictate the future professional landscape. It is imperative that you do not fall into the trap of embarking on a career that may seem promising, only to see a decline shortly after.

Business, Finance and Healthcare Careers for Men in Singapore on the Rise

The safest bet is to focus on careers that are harnessing technological growth and demographic trends. Developments like artificial intelligence, telecommunications and global inter-connectivity of business are making professionals in fields like business and finance very much in demand.

Demographic trends are showing that populations around the world are aging. With the exception of a few countries in Asia and Africa, the rest of the world is showing signs of lower birth rates. Singapore has also been shown to be experiencing a slowing down of population growth. This population growth has been going on over the past decades but is expected to peak in 2020 as the country will join the rest of the world with an increasing average age.

With more and more people living to older ages because of advances in medical science, specialists in health care are being sought after and careers in the field are lucrative while providing job stability for decades to come.

With the financial system undergoing a dynamic transformation, Singapore has positioned itself as an important crossroads in Southeast Asia. Jobs in business and finance are expected to rise in demand and professionals that have a finance-related technological background can benefit from high-paying positions in banks and financial institutions.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 10 fastest-growing and highest-paying, good careers for men in 2020 and examine what makes these careers ideal for building a sustainable future in Singapore.

10 Fast-Growing and High Paying Careers for Men [In Singapore for 2020 and Beyond]

1.General Manager in Healthcare

Besides being a financial hub, Singapore has been developing fast as a high-end destination for medical services. Along with medical and research staff required to offer the specialized healthcare that the country offers people from all over the world, numerous positions in administrative and business roles are in demand.

Sales, marketing and managerial jobs in healthcare and life sciences earn annual salaries well into the six-figure range.


2. Medical Practitioner

Doctors and surgeons are among the high-paying jobs that will be experiencing growth in 2020. With people coming to Singapore from all over the world to take advantage of the high-level medical care and surgery, hospitals and clinics will be looking to staff their facilities.

Preventative medicine is the wave of the future in healthcare and clinical research in cancer, stem cells and anti-aging make specialists in these areas among the most sought-after careers in Singapore.

With a recorded one billion dollars of revenue coming into the country from medical tourism as reported in 2014, surgeons that offer cosmetic procedures can sustain a lucrative practice of their own or by working in a clinic.

3. Human Resources Officer

The human resource sector is a vibrant one in Singapore with demand expected to continue to rise. Indicative of the growth of the industry is the 48 percent increase in the HR space over just the last 12 months. The integral role that human resources play in the job market growth is reflected in salaries for human resource managers surpassing the 200,000 dollar-per-year mark.

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4. E-Commerce Director

Becoming an e-commerce director for an established corporation or for an agency is a great way to position yourself in Singapore’s business ecosystem. E-commerce involves more than running an electronic store and many of the most important players in the space are situated in Asia.

Not only does a job as an e-commerce director allow for solid job security, but the mobility afforded by such a position is virtually unlimited. Thousands of companies around the world are looking for capable e-commerce management and a geographical move can be easily arranged down the road if you choose to undertake it.


5. Manufacturing Director

With an extensive array of trade agreements under its belt, Singapore is a center of production for everything from electronics, automobiles and chemicals to steel, textiles and aircraft. Manufacturing directors are slated to be the highest position in the field of production in 2020.

For those with the skills and experience to work in manufacturing, the country provides the opportunity to be on the leading edge of the field.


6. Chief Financial Officers

Executive-level financiers are coveted by the many financial institutions and large corporations that are active in Singapore. CFOs have the responsibility of implementing strategy and monitoring performance and the position can pay between 200,000 and 300,000 dollars per year.

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7. International Banking

A large banking sector is indicative of an economy with an emphasis on financial services and Singapore is proving to be Southeast Asia’s answer to the City of London, Wall Street, Frankfurt and Tokyo.

A job in corporate finance can pay over 400,000 dollars per year for the position of Head of International Banking Division while other specialties such as that of Compliance Director offer salaries in the 200,000 to 300,000 dollar range.


8. Legal Counsel

It’s only logical that a business ecosystem as large as Singapore’s will continue to need legal counsel, especially in the field of business and securities law. Lawyers that work in successful private practices are among the best-paid professionals in the country, with annual salaries as high as 500,000 dollars.


9. Procurement and Supply Chain Jobs

A healthy supply chain industry complements Singapore’s manufacturing economy and the need for experts in the field of procurement and logistics management is expected to keep rising in 2020. Research points to Singapore becoming Asia’s next supply chain hub with the continent’s consumer market expected to be worth 56 trillion dollars by 2030.

For those looking for a career in a space that has a solid future, the supply chain field provides just that.

10. Blockchain Specialist

The blockchain field is related to both finance and information technology. Some of the biggest and most promising projects in the burgeoning distributed ledger technology space are in Singapore and all are experiencing significant growth.

Blockchain companies are expected to explode over the coming years and the technology will govern many of the aspects of our everyday lives. This means that a job in the blockchain space translates to job security in a space that is set to become as indispensable as the internet.

Blockchain development is among the most sought-after skills in hiring suites globally, making it one of the fastest growing fields. The Kingsland University offers free blockchain courses that enable students to future-proof their skills and make a global impact and is one of the best careers for men without a degree.

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Singapore provides a vibrant and fast-paced career ecosystem where ambitious professionals can excel in jobs that offer security and fulfilment. Upload your CV today and embark on a life journey that will start with the career of your dreams.

Top 10 Fast-Growing and High Paying Careers for Men [In 2020 and Beyond]