How to Find a Part Time Job in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country to live in. From it’s waterfront views, tropical climate and architecture to rival the best in any part of the globe, to the hustle and bustle nightlife that leaves it’s shining skyscrapers shimmering with multi coloured lights and the people that call this land their home, proudly, Singapore is a country built by and for people.

Who would dare miss out spending a lifetime in a place as luxurious and timeless as this? So you, as many people are now, find yourself drawn to it’s aura, it’s taste, it’s grandeur. You want to live here, you want to plant yourself, maybe with a spouse, maybe to find a spouse, and to build a future to share with kids. But there is just one issue. How?

Part Time Job in Singapore

You want to hit the job market, but don’t really know what is ideal for your specific circumstance or situation. And that’s ok! Most people are uncertain about where they will find their career, or merely their secondary source of income, when embarking on the home stretch portion of this crazy thing we call life. That is why we have decided to lend you a hand, and so we have compiled a list of all of the high pay part time jobs in Singapore, as well as part time temporary jobs in Singapore for the adventurous, part time evening jobs in Singapore, and part time night jobs in Singapore, so whatever your lifestyle needs, Singapore has a part time job to accent them.

A Highly Paid Part Time Job in Singapore

We all prefer more dough in our pocket than less, which is why when you seek out a job, you narrow your search to jobs that can give you the most bank for your time, regardless of your previous experiences or education.

1. Baristas

As Singapore continues to grow, so does it’s workforce, and with that comes a slew of customers who desire a boost of caffeine to beat the morning crud, or maybe just a sweet beverage to start their day in a pleasant way. And that is where you can come in. Baristas are in high demand, and with that demand comes a really sweet pay check. In fact, one can make around S$15 whipping up coffee for the bourgeois (or any economic class, really). This makes it a fulfilling, satisfactory experience worth checking out!

2. Personal Driver

With an influx of businessmen, CEOs, and wealthy entrepreneurs, comes a desire for personal drivers, people to tote their rich clients around to their favourite spots, dinners, parties or, of course, to their jobs. This can prove to be a lucrative lifestyle in more ways than one; you get to associate yourself with the cream of society, make friends in high places, build a relationship with your employer and, better yet, it pays well too! For a job that is simply driving around the beautiful sights (and sites) of Singapore, you can’t even beg for better pay than this. Your lifestyle is supported, and you can get delightful exposure to the unique and exciting world of business!

3. Courier

We all appreciate receiving a package in the mail, whether it be something we ordered on line, or something more substantial, maybe a mattress is being delivered that you picked out at the local furniture store, or an electronics store has sent a smiling man or woman to deliver and set up your next generation entertainment system. Either way, you can’t help but envy a job where you are hired to bring someone, well, happiness! They purchase a product they want or need, and you get to be the one to fulfill that want or need, which can bring a certain level of satisfaction and joy to one’s life. Luckily, Singapore has openings in jobs like this, where you deliver packages and goods for companies, and get payed well to do so too!

App Ambassador Jobs in SG

4. App Ambassador

Maybe you are more tech savvy than most, and seek a job where you can continue to strengthen your knowledge of modern technology. A great idea to consider would be becoming an app ambassador, where, basically, you help market and sell an app that you believe in. This is how programmers seeking to make bank on their new app idea get it funded and eventually off the ground. You, by becoming an app ambassador, would help get this idea in the hands of potential investors and help make it become a reality (or to simply gain a following where it can become a profitable entity). So if you desire to change the face of the tech landscape and also land a job you are into, in addition to the fact that it pays well, then you should probably consider this job.

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5. Event Helper

Of all of the part time jobs available in Singapore, event helper may be one of the more interesting (and flexible). When an event comes to town for an, obviously, limited time period, the folks running it will desire to hire people who can dedicate themselves to the success of the event with a cheery disposition and a pride in their work. A plus side to being an event helper is that you may not have to be required to work the full event, so if time is an issue, or you simply need a quick buck, then an event helper is a fun job title to fulfill all of your needs, and should top your list when deciding where to work!

6. Event Promoter

With similar benefits to an event helper, an event promoter is one who educates the public on an event and has to, of course, promote it. So if you are good at selling stuff, have a warm smile and a charismatic personality, and have the drive to successfully promote and event, which leads ultimately to that event’s survival, then you will most likely feel at home promoting for an event, even if it is a short lived job. It helps pay the bills and, more importantly, you are comfortable doing it.

So there are part time jobs in Singapore, and they are hiring. In fact, since the new year, Singapore has opened itself up to countless jobs that need to be filled and soon! We want to help you find the perfect one, and we will soon be available to do so.

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How to Find a Part Time Job in Singapore