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Singapore is a small island country which of recent times have seen fast growth in its economy. Statistics show that Singapore is a highly developed country with a high per capita in its GDP. Growth in education, technology, healthcare, and lifestyle have further cemented the growth of Singapore’s economy.

Part feuled by the FinTech boom, Singapore has achieve the status of one of the worlds most developed states and has made the country a major hub for digital payments innovations in recent years. To achieve this status, concerned Singapore agencies paid keen attention to the education bodies that have been able to produce top quality talent to meet the needs of startups and FinTech jobs.

FinTech corporations offer a wide variety of jobs in the market. The country is not only a hub for fintech jobs but also growing companies in the sector. The jobs range from programming jobs, writing jobs, business development, strategy planners to the newly vogue blockchain experts.

Fintech Jobs Singapore

Banking and Financial Services

Singapore is one of the most competitive and cost-effective international financial centers. There are some financial institutions with total assets standing at $2 trillion. The most attributing factor has led to the success in the field of finance is its strategic position. Singapore serves as a port for financial services and that has led to huge developments in the area.

Jobs in the field of FinTech Singapore

  • Financial Analysts and Traders

The applicants in this field should be precise and accurate in the world of finance. A high volume of trade transactions happens in a day thus requiring personnel to be commerce and economics literate. The jobs offer significant returns in income and lifestyle. In addition, the applicants have a wide choice of banks and financial institutions to seek gainful employment.

  • Programming Jobs

The participants in this field offer FinTech organisations with up to date software to run their businesses. The future Singapore ‘smart’ economy is digitised thus favouring the computer and software developers for the top jobs in FinTech companies. The applicants should familiarise themselves with computer science subjects and machine language for this particular subset of programming jobs.

  • Marketing/Strategy Planners

Naturally, the innovations and developments have seen FinTech companies in Singapore opt for digital marketing. Digital marketing strategies are widely deployed in most Singapore FinTech firms. This calls for people with familiar knowledge of social media tools to enhance the client-firm relationship while at the same time boost sales and build brand awareness. Applicants should be proficient in public relations, digital platforms, and advertisement placement services that come in handy for online ventures. The applicants also should be conversant with the particular niche they decided to pursue.

  • Writing Services

Since the digitisation of most FinTech firms, there has been a constant need for content. Freelancing services offer content for the firms. Writing services help clients create content and information, that could be in the field of finance or digital commercialism.

Writers should be masters of the English language and other global languages and also be well versed in content strategies. Excellent research skills and computer literacy are a bonus in this particular field.

  • Blockchain Experts

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions. Blockchain has been fully incorporated in Fintech firms in Singapore. Blockchain offers a secure transaction and can be used in the purchase of commodities. This has led to a growth in the field of blockchain developers as more experts are needed. Applicants should be computer literate and concern their wealth of knowledge with the application of the blockchain in the FinTech firms.

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These jobs have a bright future as the jobs described continue on an upscale growth. The region is putting more emphasis on FinTech HR jobs. FinTech HR jobs applicants and workers are locally produced and others are outsourced into Singapore’s market.

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Singapore Jobs in Demand – Fintech