How to Successfully Work an Office Job from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every organization in Singapore and other parts of the world. Organizations have had to shut down operations, and the lucky ones having have allowed their employees to work from home. Besides the pandemic, there are remote jobs that you can as a professional from your home office’s comfort. Working from home is not common, as most people are used to the traditional office set-up in their workplace.

Most people may think working from home involves sleeping late, working in their pajamas, and working as they are eating, this shouldn’t be the case. Just like working in your physical office set-up, you need to practice professionalism when working from home. How do you go about it? There are few questions to guide you when looking to work an office job from home.


How Can I Make My Work At Home Successful?

  • Schedule your working hours. You need to have a strict timetable outlining when you are supposed to start your office work and when to wind up. Scheduling your time will help you set a balance of your private life and working work, but it also helps in achieving your target. When planning on your working hours from home, plan on starting your working day just like you are in an office.

Get a time tracking app to help you know whether you are adhering to your work program. The app will also help you identify which time of the day you are most productive, which will help you re-scheduling your working hours.

  • Dedicate your working space. Working from home does not mean that you should handle office matters in bed or when feeding your toddler. Dedicate part of your home as your working office and store all work-related materials. If you are several people using one computer at home, you can partition the hard disk for work-related data.

Ideal work from home office set-up should not be adjacent to your TV set or a bed. Your home office should emulate an actual work setting.

  • Maintain a healthy routine. Having a home office means you can either overwork yourself or underwork as you pop in your kitchen and refrigerator. Take breaks in between your working hours to stretch yourself. Avoid prolonged sitting hours since it may lead to discomfort, such as back pains. You can avoid gaining extra weight by avoiding junk foods in your kitchen and fridge. Instead, have healthy snacks and consume a lot of water.

Can You Ask Your Employer to Work from Home?

Yes. As an employee, you can ask for an opportunity to work remotely subject to the company’s policies and the prevailing situation. The continuous growth in technology in Singapore has seen several firms moving their operations online. They are creating an opportunity to allow employees to work remotely. A work from home scenario can be beneficial to both the employer and the employees, provided the productivity of the company will not be negatively affected.

With the Coronavirus outbreak, most Singaporean companies have allowed their employees to work at home to curb the spread of the virus. The fact that many homes in Singapore are connected with high-speed internet makes it easy for employees to work from home.

When looking to ask your employer to work from home, you need to discuss the mode of communication and how you will deliver your duties. This should be a discussion between you and your employer.

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Is It Better to Work at Home Than in An Office?

Besides the pandemic that has seen different companies in Singapore, allowing their employees to work from home, there has been a debate on whether working from home increases productivity. Various studies have been made in support of working at home and others in opposition to the same. Here is a discussion on why working at home is the best idea.

  • Working from home increases productivity. Research has shown that employees who work at home have an extra 14 days a month than those working in a conventional office. In a year, employees working at home will have worked an additional three weeks than their counterparts in the office. This is to say those working from home are likely to be more productive than working in an office.
  • Working from home encourages independence. When working from home, you only have to ensure that you meet your targets, there is no threat of having a supervisor passing by your office to see your progress. You just need an action plan, and you are set. Achieve your set target without any supervision.

You learn how to sort out minor tech issues. You don’t have your IT team to come and fix your scanning machine or upgrade some malfunctioning software. Instead, you can download guides and watch videos online on how to fix the issues.

However, working from home may not be the best idea for everyone.

  • Extroverts may find it boring working on their own at home hence affect their productivity. Such people need to work in an office where they can participate in teamwork.
  • If your focus is easily distracted, working from home is not the best for you. You need an office to maintain your concentration.

When looking at whether to work at home or in an office, you should check on your job description. If you are supposed to report in your office every morning, working at home may not be right for you.

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What Should You Not Do When Working from Home?

To successfully work from home, avoid the following;

  • Avoid shying off from asking for supplies. When working at a home office, the employer should supply you with the required equipment. If you will be working on a computer, ensure you have the right monitor size, keyboard, printer, chair, updated software, and a VPN among other things.

Are you working away from the office due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you don’t need a significant investment in your work from a home office.

  • Discussing your matters with your colleagues online. When doing zoom meetings, your discussions should be limited to work-related activities. It is easy to utter personal activities during online business meetings. This should be avoided. Additionally, do not handle personal matters during working hours.
  • Don’t let work time occupy your own time. Working from home should not push you to answer job-related emails when watching your favorite movie after working hours. You need to separate your working hours from personal time.

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How to Successfully Work an Office Job from Home