Post Pandemic – Working from Home is the New Work-From-Home

Government’s response to Covid-19 has been a terrible thing for many people, but it’s also shown us that working from home (WFH) can be an excellent option in uncertain times – especially now with almost every company hurt by this ‘pandemic’!

You might think your commute would suffer if you were no longer around during normal business hours? False: as long as there’s internet access and a laptop or mobile phone nearby, remote workers are independent of where they physically reside at any given point (barring some EMP or network blackout).

There’s never been so much opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of going freelance without compromising on career stability like before the pandemic struck.

However, there is a new challenge: making yourself stand out among other applicants who also want these positions. Below are some tips on how you can be successful in this endeavour!

The new normal of the work-from-home lifestyle is not limited to those who are self-employed. With Covid-19, many companies have also chosen this way of working as they might no longer need their office buildings after the circuit breaker measures were lifted.

Work-from-home jobs are becoming more and more popular. This is because they offer a number of advantages, including the ability to work at your own pace without risking health by commuting in public transport or staying too long working with co-workers that you may not get along well with.

Work from home also offers flexibility for some people: there are full-time positions as well as part-time ones if one prefers less hours per day but still wants enough income coming in each week. This type of employment option can be particularly beneficial for introverts who want privacy when it comes to socializing while focusing on their job which deals primarily through electronic communication such as emailing and instant messaging instead of meeting up face to face like an office position might ordinarily require them.

Are You Prepped?

Before you apply to a work-from-home job, it’s best to make sure that your preparations are up to par. This includes making new adjustments and reassessing the basics of what would be required for this type of position before applying.

It also means being ready for anything, including finding out how interviews will go over Skype, Zoom or phone call instead of in person with an employer who is just as eager as you are trying their luck at working from home themselves!

Developing these skills can really help maximize any application efforts while guaranteeing success on obtaining a nice offer!

Research Work from Home Job Positions

There is no need to be stuck at a desk all day when you have such great resources. The internet provides many opportunities for those looking for work-from-home job positions.

Availability and Demand

Consider the following things when applying and before committing yourself to any one position; remember these are not your only options!

  • availability and demand
  • salary range
  • qualifications required
  • experience needed or relevant expertise desired
  • location preferences


Verifying the legitimacy of a job can be tricky nowadays. There are some places where jobs might not even exist, but they still post their openings on social media sites and other websites to entice someone into applying for them!

Job offers often come with red flags that you should look out for, such as unsolicited contact from unknown personnel or requests for your phone number/WhatsApp or payment in advance before being considered eligible.

To avoid these scams all together just do your research when looking at potential employers by checking information like company details and official accounts or any reports of scammers running shady business practices online through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., as well as talking directly to people who have worked there previously.

Skill Requirements

For those looking to find employment in the modern workforce, it’s important that you know what skills are needed for your desired field.

Read over qualifications and determine if they match your experience level – some jobs will be more specialized than others depending on their expertise!

Working from Home in Singapore

Update Your Resume and Other Job Board Profiles

You don’t have to wait for an opportunity, you can always take the initiative and make your resume stand out and update your job site profiles with recent work experience, training and skills.

Follow these tips in order to create a creative resume that will catch the employer’s eye among other applicants. Edit the information about yourself you want others see on social media or professional sites such as LinkedIn by uploading portfolios or samples of previous work if needed.

All this should be linked back to the respective accounts where they are accessible online for easy viewing!

Prepare for Online Job Interviews

Confirm the interview process with the employer so you can prepare everything needed beforehand.

Even if this is not face-to-face, be mindful of your wardrobe, posture and position, as well as nonverbal communication skills to make a good impression on potential employers.

If they want to Skype, Zoom or Facetime, check other factors such as your location, possible disturbances in their space or unforeseen technical difficulties that may occur during an interview before proceeding further into it all.

Get ready early enough to avoid any “online” interviewer fails such as having sudden shouting or dogs barking going on in background while you’re attempting video chat or audio chat.

Accidentally clicking off when trying to click one button instead of another enabling either video/audio and don’t forget about time zones differences.

Assess Your Remote or Working from Home Preparedness

Work from home arrangements is already keeping companies going during the pandemic, and long-term preparedness for remote working setups is part of the new normal.

For a successful work from home arrangement to be established, you must first assess your technical requirements such as laptop speed or software installation ahead of time in order to avoid issues with productivity later on down the line.

Take Online Courses to Broaden or Learn New Skills

How can you move up the corporate ladder if your resume is stagnant?

Online courses are a great way to keep learning and expanding on what skills you have. Companies provide training online, but it’s not just for their employees! It may be free too which will help take care of any financial burden that might come with continuing education.

In Conclusion

Have you been thinking about working remotely from home with the ongoing Covid-19 situation? If so, we hope this blog post has given you some ideas on how to adjust your work routine.

We’ve also linked to a few resources for finding available jobs in Singapore and abroad that could help if you decide to take the leap!

Whether it is learning new skills or looking into freelance opportunities – there are many ways to make working from home more enjoyable. We wish you all the best with your career journey during these uncertain times.

Post Pandemic – Working from Home is the New Work-From-Home