What Are the Best Alternatives to Online Job Boards?

There are plenty of alternatives to find a job without using online job boards, and this article will show you how to have a focused and productive job search.

If you’re looking for a job, one of the best places to start is an online career portal. Which site should you visit?

There are many sites that offer no-cost services and some with premium features available at additional costs, but none will provide everything on your list so it’s important to find what works for your needs before signing up.

Once signed in, if possible, use keywords or skills as filters when browsing through jobs because this can help weed out those not relevant which leaves more time to focus on ones that seem like a good fit. With these tips under our belts, we’ll be better prepared for finding new opportunities and success!

The internet is a goldmine for those looking to find work. The COVID-19 crisis has caused many companies to close their doors, putting hundreds of people out of jobs nationwide and leaving the job boards flooded with eager applicants willing to do anything for employment. This means that competition will be high among qualified candidates vying over positions.

With so much time spent on searching even before applying, you should use this resource as your last resort if you are serious about finding gainful employment in today’s competitive market because it can take up upwards of 20 hours per week just looking around online! That’s nearly a full-time job in itself.

In the past, it was much easier to find jobs. You just browsed through popular online job boards and networked with people in your industry. But now that you are quarantined from society due to the government’s response to the pandemic, finding work is more difficult than ever before!

You might think about spending even more time searching for jobs on these websites – as most of them have search filters which can weed out postings that aren’t right for you, but unfortunately many companies don’t post their openings on general “jobs” sites like Monster or Indeed because those types of outlets attract tons of applicants who would never be considered by recruiters (because they’re not qualified enough).

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While there may seem like an endless supply available at first glance. Why limit yourself to the same old sites all of your friends use? You’ll never find anything new this way. Here are some tips for finding jobs that will make it worth your time:

5 Awesome Alternatives to Popular Online Job Boards

  1. Industry-specific Online Job Boards

It’s important to first do some research and find industry-specific job boards that are relevant for the type of work you’re looking into.

The best way is by starting with searching for specific employers in your desired field, then narrowing it down from there. You’ll be able to weed out irrelevant postings much more efficiently this way!

  1. Professional Association Sites

One way to find a job is through professional associations related to your industry or profession.

I found two of my own jobs when employed at college career services from these sites, which provided me with immediate notifications of openings that were relevant for the type and level of experience I was looking for in each instance.

The listings on this site are usually open only if you’re already a member, however, as many companies want people who have extensive knowledge in their field, it may be worth paying membership dues just so you can see what’s out there first-hand before applying elsewhere.

  1. Company Websites

Can you have an awesome career without a college degree? It’s possible, but it will be more challenging. That is why starting with the company website can help!

Company websites are perfect for getting to know companies and figuring out what they’re looking for in potential employees before going into them unprepared or worse – disillusioned after your interview.

More than just posting jobs on their site’s Careers page (which costs nothing), these sites offer insight about how the company operates thanks to its “About Us” section as well as other resources like videos that show off different aspects of work life there, from employee interviews all the way down to catered lunches at noon every day!

After diving deeper into this information, you’ll be able to stay clear headed through each stage of recruiting.

  1. LinkedIn’s Advanced Search

LinkedIn’s advanced search is more robust than what most people think.

I find it hard to believe that many of the job seekers using LinkedIn aren’t aware of all they can do with their searches, such as being able to specify keywords for specific positions and industries in addition to just searching by geography or company size.

If you want to find a great job and get the word out about your skills, follow these steps:

Put your cursor in the search bar at top of LinkedIn home page without typing anything.

Click on “jobs” from menu under search bar – this will take you to all available jobs posted by companies that are currently hiring for positions relevant to what interests you most – just click on any category (e.g., engineering) or location (Singapore).

You can narrow down your search even more with specific criteria such as:

  • Jobs only posted in past week or 24 hours ago
  • opportunities with less than 10 applicants already submitted their qualifications online
  • remote jobs offering
  • certifications

Opportunities with fair-chance employers, offering certain benefits like student loan assistance or paid maternity and paternity leave. These filters let you start broad and narrow down or begin with a specific focus and expand from there.

  1. LinkedIn Groups

Joining LinkedIn Groups is an excellent way to see the latest information circulating about a specific industry, including which companies are hiring.

Granted, LinkedIn used to do a much better job of separating discussions from jobs postings within its group feeds. However, you can still find announcements for open positions in your feed if you scroll through it on occasion and set notifications so that updates come right into your inbox daily!

You’re able to join up 50 different groups on LinkedIn. Optimizing this feature will allow you stay connected with what’s happening in various industries around the world while also being alerted when there are openings at relevant companies nearby or elsewhere.

In Conclusion

As the job market gets tougher, it becomes more and more important to get creative with your search.

Leave behind those online boards that don’t seem to work for you anymore; focus in on what LinkedIn and company websites can do!

You might be a little late into this game but by starting smaller and narrowing down both your interests as well as potential employers, there is still hope of finding something special waiting out there just for you.

Browse for jobs in Singapore here and use the search field to focus on your interests and skillset.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Online Job Boards?