What are the Pros and Cons of Professional Resume Writing Services?

More than ever before, professional resumes are useful for landing top positions in companies around the world. Whether you are looking to work in an industry for the first time or if you have years of experience in your field, comparing the pros and cons of professional resume writing services is highly recommended before getting into the workforce at any stage in your life.

Having a thorough understanding of a what a professional resume writing service has to offer is a way for you to ensure you are making the right decision when taking the next step for the advancement of your career and future.

Pros of Professional Resume Services

Have a Professional With Industry Experience Write Your Resume

Professionals who help to provide modern, updated, and appealing resumes often have extensive experience in a wide range of industries and markets, whether they are based locally or online. A professional who writes resumes understands how to appeal to potential employers based on the industry you are looking to work in and the qualities or characteristics that are typically preferred within the specific niche or market you are interested in.

Connecting with potential employers is a must in a highly-competitive job market, which is why it is ideal to work with a professional who crafts resumes based on the field you work in and the type of employers you are likely to work under if you are hired in.

Relevant and Popular Industry Keywords

With a rapid influx of both online and offline resumes being sent to employers on a regular basis, machines and email sorting often does the work when seeking out the right potential employees for an open position. Scanning software browses all resume submissions to detect specific keywords that are directly related and connected to the position that an individual is looking to fill.

Professional resume writers research the top and most popular keywords that pertain to the type of work you do and the industry you want to work in before completing the final version of your resume. Using the most relevant industry keywords drastically increases your chance of receiving a follow-up email or a request for a phone or in-person interview. Without having the right keywords in your resume it may be impossible to get in touch with anyone who is currently hiring for available positions, even if you are extremely qualified to fill the role yourself.

Layout and Design is Key

The type of layout and design that is used for your professional layout is key to ensure you are maximizing your appeal when sending your resume off to potential employers or within online applications. Use a clean, modern, and updated layout that is easy to read and scan for potential employers. If the professional you want to hire to complete the writing of your resume also provides designing services, be sure to review their portfolio to determine if the style they implement is similar to your own tastes and how you want to present yourself professionally to future potential employers.

Using a well-thought-out design in your resume is ideal when you are interested in working for innovative companies or if you are already involved in the tech, design, and creative industries.

Professionals Know What Works Best For Employers

Professionals who write resumes for a living have a complete understanding of what works best when appealing to employers, whether they run a start-up or if they are growing an existing corporation. Resume writers have insider knowledge of what works best when crafting resumes, especially if they have been helping clients to find and land positions they desire for years or even decades.

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Focus on Other Aspects of Job-Hunting

While your professional resume is being written and tweaked to perfection, spend time focusing on other aspects of job-hunting, such as preparing for upcoming interviews. Preparing for interviews, researching prospective companies, and spending time on other types of jobs allows you to increase your income while ensuring you are able to present yourself in a professional manner the next time you want to submit your resume and apply for a job.

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Cons of Professional Resume Services

While professional resume services are ideal for most individuals who are looking to find a position in a highly-competitive job market, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind before you begin searching for a professional writer who is right for you.

Lack of Input Regarding Wording and Communication Style

When you hire a professional who writes resumes for a living, you may find that there is a lack of input needed from you regarding the overall communication style and wording used within the design and writing of your resume. If the language and communication style is too drastically different than from your own way of communicating, it may become painfully obvious if you are interviewing with HR or a new potential employer.

Always be sure to take a glance at the portfolios of writers you are interested in hiring to verify that the writing style used within professional documents such as resumes is streamlined with your own method of communicating when you are doing so in a professional manner. Before you hire a professional to work on your resume, it is important to inform them of any preferences you have regarding the wording, style, formatting, and overall method of communication the resume should utilize.

No Creative Input or Direction

Professionals who work on crafting resumes for a living often do so with their own creative direction in mind. Depending on the professional you choose to hire, you may have limited or no creative input available to you at all throughout the entire process.

Inquire about creative input options while sharing the vision you have for your resume with a professional who writes for a living before choosing a provider who understands your needs and is willing to work with you. If you care about the creative direction and overall presentation of your professional resume, it is best to work with a writer who is open to new ideas and is flexible with personalizing the final product to fit your exact wants and needs.

No Guarantee of Success

While it is extremely beneficial to hire a professional to update your resume if you are unfamiliar with the job market today, there is no guarantee of success provided with your investment in using a writing service. Professional writers have the ability to craft enticing, informative, and engaging resumes. However, this does not automatically mean that all employers are likely to reach out for an additional interview or offer positions immediately. Putting a professionally written resume to use is up to you and often requires various job service websites, online communities, and networking sites that allow you to reach out to potential employers while connecting with colleagues while you are searching for employment.

Taking the time to compare various resume writing services and the type of assistance they have to offer is essential to determine whether or not the service is right in your pursuit of a career. While professional resume-related services vary, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are looking for anytime you choose to hire a professional to complete your resume and its presentation for your next job hunt.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Professional Resume Writing Services?