Where to Find Christmas Jobs in Singapore

This Christmas season, like every year, comes with a big demand for extra assistance in many services in our city. Singaporeans and expats like to go out and really have a good time, and that means that many need to work extra! This is always good news for those of us who depend on the extra cash. Students are very grateful for the possibility to spend the days off university making money for the rest of the year.

So, where will the jobs be announced this year? Where do you have the best chances of getting Christmas jobs? Let us take a look at these two questions and many more.

What Type of Job Should I Look For?

First of all, you better decide this before you start your search, as it’s necessary to start looking for specific jobs as soon as possible. There are many other people in the city just waiting to apply for a job once it is announced. Let’s start by looking at a few aspects of the temporary job search:

  • Are you studying? If so, find a job that is relevant to your future career, if that is possible. If you are studying something related to hotels and tourism, this is really the time for you to get some relevant experience if you don’t have it already. In all sectors, it is worth trying to get a seasonal job that gets you contacts for your future professional life
  • What are your interests and skills? If you are a people person, then getting holiday jobs in Singapore is definitely your thing. There is a big demand for staff for holiday events. Just keep in mind that you need to be very energetic and outgoing if you work in the service sector, and much more so during the season.

If you are not a student or a skilled worker yet, there are many temporary jobs as well as part-time jobs in sectors where degrees are not required. We will take a look at the sectors here. You can somewhat anticipate where the need for staff will be, by thinking of what is particular for the season, and also what sectors will need substitutes as their regulars take some days off to be with the family. This season the majority of available jobs are on a temporary term. There are less part-time jobs available, but not few compared to the overall job market. Most of the jobs are in promotions and special events and are based in the central area. There is also a good demand for supermarket staff here.

Merry Christmas


The Different Sectors

  • Tourism: There is a lot of tourism in Singapore all year round. The tourist sector needs extra staff in the holidays as businesses offer the usual services, but with a little extra Christmas energy on top. Typical tourist industry jobs are hotel maids, bartenders, waitresses, guides, guards, shop staff and receptionists. The busiest spot for businesses in this industry is The Orchard Road district. There is a surge in visits to Singapore Zoo, and there could be an extra need of staff there as well.


  • It goes without saying that people buy a lot more before and during Christmas. Shopping malls will receive more people every day and it’s likely that the shops and restaurants in the malls will hire people for temporary jobs.


  • Special events: this is where the biggest demand is. Several places are doing what they call “mass hiring” for special Holiday themed events. It is more demanding than other jobs in terms of the stress you that comes from handling and at the same time entertaining a big group of people. You can’t slack on the smiling and cheering, and this is tiring, but, you will probably have a lot of fun while you’re making money. Plus, you are both living in and spreading, the Christmas spirit!


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What are the Steps to Take in the Application Process?

First of all, don’t be late! Try to keep up with announcements so you are sure you don’t miss any important ones. It’s good to start early. A little disadvantage with holiday jobs is that they tend to be announced not very long before they start. So, find out where you most want to work and write sketches for your application letter. Once you see the job announcements and the exact requirements, you work on the letter and your CV. Remember the following points when designing your CV and letter:

  • Easy format and design of your CV
  • Quickly address specifics from the ad
  • Summary of your most relevant skills
  • Work experiences and education

For future reference: if you lack sufficient relevant education and work experience, you can try to research volunteer work, or internships to add to your CV.


Read Up Before the Interview

Hopefully, not long after you have sent the application you’ll get a mail asking you to come to an interview. Then what? Well, research and find information about the company.

  • What are their services?
  • What are their goals?
  • What is the company philosophy?
  • Is there anything that makes it different from others in the same industry?

This way you won’t be completely blank when you are asked the typical job interview questions. You might also want to think of the answers to the questions touching upon your personality and skills. Also prepare to talk about how you can serve the company, and what you want to learn, and more. If you are interviewing for a service industry job, it doesn’t look very good if you are nervous. It is not expected of you to know many specifics. More importance is given to your will of learning and engaging in the new job. To add a nice touch after you are done answering the questions of the interviewer, you can ask some yourself about the company and position to show your interest.

Last but not least: remember that this is a temporary and seasonal job, and you are not applying for a position of CEO. So, relax and try your best for a fun experience for the holidays. If all goes well, you could have good contacts and job prospects in the future. To be notified about the temporary jobs for the Christmas season, submit your CV to us and subscribe for future updates. We will not let you miss out on opportunities. We promise to notify you about available positions. Good job hunting this season and a very merry Christmas to you!

Where to Find Christmas Jobs in Singapore