New Year New Job – The Impetus and Challenge to Start a New Career

As the new year approaches, making lifestyle changes and resolutions are more common than ever. With the new year just around the corner, starting a new job may feel ambitious and overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of where to begin.

Starting a new job does not have to feel stressful with proper planning and an understanding of the careers that are most fitting for you. Spending time to prepare for the upcoming new year and your plans to obtain a new career is a way to land the new job you have in mind.


New Year, New You

One of the most popular phrases coined for the celebration of the new year includes “new year, new you“. While reinventing your entire self is not always necessary, setting new goals and working towards bettering yourself is an essential element involved with new years goals. Celebrate the upcoming new year by rediscovering the type of work you enjoy most and lining up opportunities to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


Why a Change is Good

Over time it is not uncommon to become bored or despondent with your current career or the lifestyle you lead. Change helps to catapult you into a new direction that is rife with opportunity and the ability to enjoy a variety of lifestyles and outcomes.

Changing yourself for the better does not require you to give up your dreams or your current skills and abilities. Instead, simply shifting your career path or the type of work you do each day can greatly impact your overall mental health and wellbeing. Taking the steps necessary to make real and permanent changes in your everyday life is one way to get started on a path for success.


Research Desirable Career Paths and Industries

Once you have made the decision to seek out a new position, begin researching desirable career paths and industries that are most appealing to you. Check local job listings for openings and to brainstorm various positions that are optimal for you based on your current skill set and the type of work you envision yourself doing each day. Consider the following questions before moving forward with a plan of action:

  • Are you looking to move up in your current career or are you more interested in restarting your work in an entirely new market or industry?


  • Do you have an interest in furthering your education, obtaining certifications, or completing courses to achieve your desired job?


  • What is the job market like in your local community? Are the positions you are interested in readily available? Are you willing to travel or relocate in order to find a career that is optimal for you?


  • How long will it take you to learn the skills necessary for the job you want? How can you dedicate free time currently to help accomplish your goals?


Expand Your Skillset to Land a New Job

If you have a desired career path in mind it is then possible to begin working on improving your current skills or expanding your skill set altogether. Learn the basics of each position you are thinking of applying for and begin honing in on the skills necessary to obtain the job. Take local classes or register for a free online course from the comfort of your home to get started. Connect with colleagues and friends who work in the industry you desire most for helpful advice and valuable insight. Expanding your skill set is extremely important to help with boosting your own self-confidence once you begin applying for the job you have your heart set on.


Update Your CV

Updating your CV is extremely important when you begin applying for jobs, even if you already have experience in the industry. When you are shifting gears and diving into an entirely new career path and industry, a refreshed CV shows prospective employers that you are dedicated, motivated, and a professional ready to get to work.

Use an online CV builder or research professional CV layouts, templates, and messaging to determine the best format that works for you based on the industry you want to work in. Ask a professional colleague or friend to review and critique your CV format along with the type of experience you list for authentic feedback. Spend time crafting your CV individually for each job opportunity you are interested in. Use unique, yet relevant language to resonate with hiring managers and employers with each application you submit.


Create an Online Presence

Creating an online presence is extremely beneficial in a highly competitive market and your job search. Launch an official website, blog, or online portfolio to showcase your skills and work you have completed in the past.

Use a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress to appear professional while also having an administrative panel that is easy to access and update, even if you are unfamiliar with programming and coding. An online presence provides you with more opportunity to expand your online and offline reach whether you are networking, submitting a CV, or sharing your website with employers and hiring managers online.

Use social media to your advantage by creating a professional presence that represents your skills and abilities. Update your social media platforms frequently to engage locals from your community and to begin building a following. Use relevant and trending hashtags that mesh well with the type of work you are most interested in. Share links to your official website and blog to build a professional reputation online.

A large, relevant social media following that appeals to your desired industry helps to show your dedication and commitment to the job when applying for open positions.

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Join Social Media Groups

Join social media groups on platforms such as Facebook to discover the latest job openings in your local community. Following social media groups provides quick insight into available opportunities and the requirements necessary for each new job. Connect with other users who are familiar with the industries you are eyeing to learn more about their positions and to seek out potential referrals. Share your official blog or website using social media groups to gain traction and interest once you are ready to begin searching for your new career path.


The Importance of Networking

Networking is an important element to keep in mind when you are looking for a new position or if you are thinking of switching career paths altogether. Attend online networking events or check for local networking gatherings that focus on the industry you want to work in.

Attending a networking event is a great way to make new connections with professionals who work in your desired industry while providing you with the opportunity to share your job history, business card, and official website information. It’s also highly beneficial for getting career advice and valuable insights from people who are already working in your chosen industry.

Networking plays a key role in discovering all of the possible job openings that are available and desirable to you for the upcoming new year.


In Conclusion

Finding a new job does not have to feel confusing or impossible, even if you are interested in a career path that is unfamiliar to you. By taking the necessary steps in preparing your CV, building your self-confidence, and expanding your professional network, gain control over the direction of your life and your future tomorrow today.

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New Year New Job – The Impetus and Challenge to Start a New Career