National Day of Singapore

On this day – 9 August 1965 Singapore gained independence from Malaysia.

Now, The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year in commemoration.

This annual holiday, now in its 53rd year features the National Day Parade located at The Float at Marina Bay and will be the first for president Halimah Yacob.

There will also be an address by Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, marching bands, firework celebrations, an air show and lots more planned for this momentous day.

For more information on where to go, what to do and how to traverse the city during this time, visit the official NDP website here.

For the 2018 Singapore National Day Parade, Charlie Lim (a Singapore-based singer-songwriter, musician, producer and artist) has updated the 1987 classic National Day Parade song, We Are Singapore, which will be performed during the parade.

We are Singapore

Lyrics and music: Hugh Harrison

There was a time when people said
That Singapore won’t make it, but we did

There was a time when troubles seemed too much
For us to take, but we did

We built a nation, strong and free, reaching out together
For peace and harmony

Chorus 1:
This is my country, this is my flag
This is my future, this is my life
This is my family, these are my friends
We are Singapore, Singaporeans

Singapore our homeland, it’s here that we belong
All of us united, one people marching on
We’ve come so far together, our common destiny
Singapore forever, a nation strong and free

(Repeat Chorus 1)

We the citizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves as one united people
Regardless of race, language or religion
To build a democratic society
Based on justice and equality
So as to achieve happiness
Prosperity and progress for our nation

Chorus 2:
We are Singapore, we are Singapore
We will stand together, hear the lion roar
We are Singapore, we are Singapore
We’re a nation strong and free forevermore

(Repeat Chorus 1 & 2)

We are Singapore, Singaporeans (X 2)

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National Day of Singapore – NDP18