Did You Know… 6 Interesting Facts About Jobs

We’ve collected six interesting facts about jobs to make you think about job seeking in a new light.

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Did you know - most jobs are a secret. Interesting Facts About Jobs

1, Did you know… Most jobs are a secret. 80% of jobs never get posted and are only found through networking.

Did you know - someone on the inside can get you hired. Interesting Facts About Jobs

2. Did you know… Knowing someone on the inside can get you hired. Only 7% of job applicants get an employee referral, account for 40% of all hires!

Did you know... recruiters don't really read your CV. Interesting Facts About Jobs

3. Did you know... Recruiters don’t really read your CV. Well they do and they don’t. Recruiters spend, on average, 6 seconds reviewing your CV. Make sure you stand out.

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Did you know - corporate job postings attract 250 CV's. Interesting Facts About Jobs

4. Did you know… A typical corporate job posting will attract 250 resumes on average? Before you submit any applications make sure you really want the position.

Did you know it take 52 days on average to fill a job posting. Interesting Facts About Jobs

5. Did you know… The job search drags on (for everyone). On average, it takes about 52 days to fill a job opening. Take a few days to submit the perfect application.Did you know embarrassing emails will disqualify you. Interesting Facts About Jobs

6. Did you know… Your embarrassing email address will disqualify you – 76% of CV’s are thrown out simply because their email address, were unprofessional.


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Did You Know… 6 Interesting Facts About Jobs