Singaporeans Prefer Job Boards Over Personal Networking When Job Seeking

The world of technology and the digital revolution has changed the way people do business, especially in Singapore. Research has shown that more job seekers in Singapore prefer to use job boards to find work than any other source, according to recent research. That is significant for anyone looking for their new job. To help you navigate your search, here is why job boards are useful and what it means for job seekers:

Top Reasons that Job Boards and Marketplaces are Popular


When you are looking for work, speed is of the essence. The last thing you want is to be left without a job when you need to pay the bills, relocate your family, or save up for a special purchase. Using older, slower methods can have negative consequences.

For instance, searching on social media all day can take hours and yet not yield any real leads for great companies that are hiring for your skill set. You could even risk not finding the opportunity in time because you weren’t using the right platform.

Thankfully, a Singapore jobs board is great for speeding up the process. You are going right where your ideal audience is: businesses that are hiring. It always pays to go where your targets are. If a company is posting an ad for a job on a site, it means they are really serious about filling the role and are more likely to respond quicker to your application. It also means they might be faster to schedule the interviews and actually hire applicants sooner.

Searching for a job in Singapore using an online job boards.


  • Quality If a Singaporean job seeker uses less well-known sites or sites that aren’t popular, they have to ask themselves why companies would be on there in the first place. Usually, it means the company was not able to post on a regular job board because they didn’t meet certain qualifications. These are typically not the kind of companies people want to work for, considering how much strong growth the Singapore economy has experienced. Job seekers should look for the top companies in their industry, which is what job boards connect them with.
  • Ease of Use If a resource is difficult to use, it becomes much less useful. This is the case with a lot of clunky social media sites and even traditional applications by paper. An online job forum is incredibly easy to use because you simply need to log in and start browsing. With message features built in, you can start communication with your future employer right away without a hassle.
  • Accessibility In today’s day and age, it’s important to be able to access your job notifications from any device, whether that is your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Job sites are designed with usability in mind. With a jobs board, it is convenient to access them with any of your devices so you can be on the subway, the car, or at home and get the same information at your fingertips.
  • Critical Mass Job boards have a certain network effect at play. This means that they become increasingly valuable the more people are on them. Since job boards are popular right now, it makes sense to post your resume on them and be present there. You’ll expose yourself to more opportunities than other places, letting you use the economy of scale at your disposal.
  • Trends It is difficult to predict trends sometimes. However, the important thing is to recognize that the trend is happening in the first place. It is always a sign that some societal change is happening. You want to jump on the wagon as soon as possible to avoid being left behind. In today’s world, you need to act fast or the opportunities could disappear.
  • Assistance It can be hard to search for a job alone. You might start to lose confidence or not have the proper guidance and direction. To avoid this, you can always use job boards because the professionals that run them are experts in connecting businesses that are growing and hiring with qualified personnel who fit the profile.

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Types of Jobs Available

Clearly, job boards are the top way to find jobs for Singapore residents today. However, you might be wondering what the best kind of industries to get in are and what their growth is like. This section will help you identify market opportunities that fit your preferences so you can get hired into your dream job with great pay and benefits:

  • Financial Tech Singapore is known as a financial hub worldwide. It has a number of banks, financial service companies, and investment funds running from the city. This means that jobs in that sector have always been plentiful. However, recently Singapore has seen even more growth within the FinTech (Financial Technology) sector of banking. This involves a number of technologies and initiatives that large corporations are investing in. Everything from IT, networking, security, in-house software, and more are great areas to build a career in. Companies need to update their systems, protect their assets, and move fast to the online arena to compete. If you have skill sets in any of these areas, then you are in luck.
  • Software Development We live in a world where apps, websites, and software are running everything today. Every business needs to have a solid online presence and software development is a large part of this. Software development can range from creating front end design (like visually appealing website), back-end data security, mobile apps, web apps, and login portals for customers to access their accounts. Once these resources are built, they need to hire additional employees to maintain these assets as well, so you have long-term job security.
  • Healthcare in Singapore is among the best in the world. The socialized healthcare system makes it affordable for people to get quality care. Thanks to recent investments in technology by the healthcare system, there are many jobs available in this sector. Everything from database engineers to programmers, to system administrators, are in high demand.
  • Hospitality As a travel hub for Asia, and the hotel and hospitality industry is at an all-time high. Singapore boasts easy and quick travel between Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and other destinations. If you are a master of customer service or any kind of hotel work, you will have no trouble finding a great fit on a job board.
  • Transportation The rise of the hired driving specialist is here. From a simple app, you can work for a company that allows you to get paid for simply driving people to and from their destination. This is a great time to get into transportation.

When it comes to finding work in today’s digital age, the internet has changed the game. More and more Singaporeans are using job boards to help them find the perfect fit. It used to difficult and time consuming to find the right job. Now, you simply need to utilize the resources available to you to speed up the process and achieve the goal of being hired sooner than you thought possible.

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Singaporeans Prefer Job Boards Over Personal Networking When Job Seeking