New Job and Moving to Singapore – The Pros and Cons

If you are considering moving to Singapore or looking for work, then you might feel overwhelmed. After all, moving and choosing your career can be a big task. But it doesn’t need to be. With the right information, you can see the proper benefits of relocating for great work. To help you in your search, here are the pros and cons of moving here:

Accommodation in Singapore

When people move to Singapore for a new job, they are often surprised to see the amount of options. There is everything from standard apartments, to serviced apartments, to high-rise condominiums at your fingertips. If you manage to get a stand alone home, you might not have a backyard but with so many parks and public green spaces to enjoy the outdoors, you won’t lack the ability to be in nature.

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PRO: Many Options

Whether you are looking for a high rise in the middle of the city or a nice house in the suburbs, you have plenty of options. Take your pick of quiet, nice views, or a pleasant community atmosphere. There are often amenities like pools, gyms, and daycare centers as well.

CON: Rent is Pricey

Singapore is not known for being a cheap city to buy or rent housing in. However, you can score a better deal by moving into the suburbs. It is a nice journey from the suburbs to the center if that is where you are working.

Transportation in Singapore

Transportation in Singapore is among the best in the world. With so many options to choose from, you won’t suffer long lines or being late to work. Virtually all of the island is easily navigable with the right plan.

PRO: Amazing Public Transport

The MRT is one of the country’s biggest achievements in recent years. It shaves minutes off of your journey and reaches much of the island. If you don’t like the MRT, consider one of the many trains, buses, or cab services.

CON: Cars are Expensive

Getting your own car is pricey when it comes to Singapore. There are many customs, tariffs, taxes, tolls, parking, and fees to consider. However, if you can afford this, you will like the selection of high-quality vehicles available here.

Travel in Singapore

Some people get caught up in the travel to Singapore. That first flight can be a big one. However, once you are here, it is so easy and affordable to get around to other destinations.

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PRO: Easy, Low-Cost Travel

If you want to plan a vacation, it is very easy to do from Singapore. So many vacation areas like Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, and Malaysia are nearby. Get your cultural fix on a weekend with a variety of flight options that are cheap and quick. You can be back in time for work on Monday morning without any hassles whatsoever. That is not something you will find everywhere.

Safety in Singapore

This country is one of the safest in the world. Police officers and squad cars are often not seen because there is so little to worry about. If you have a family this can be a big boost to your quality of life.

PRO: Very Little Crime

Singapore has a very little crime rate for all types of things. A zero tolerance drug policy means you have less shady people that you need to worry about. Walking home late at night is not something that is scary where it would be in other regions.

CON: Pedestrian and Bicycling Safety

Keep in mind that if you plan on biking, there are no dedicated areas for bike lanes. You will need to compete with the cars and trains. Use your awareness of surroundings at all times, because drivers may not always be paying attention to those on bikes or on foot.

Social Scene in Singapore

It is easy and fun to socialize in this city. With so much to do, you’ll never be bored.

PRO: Easy to Meet New People

Using Facebook groups or other social media platforms, you can see people that have similar interests. Meet up with expats or join locals for a club meeting or a night out. That way, you are making friends and making money while you live here for a full, well-rounded life.

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CON: Expensive Night Life

The nightlife here can get very pricey. Don’t hesitate to go out because of this. However, realize that if you want to drink, there is a heavy tax on alcohol and it will be reflected in the cover charges at high-end establishments. Then again, you often get what you pay for. Higher quality will bring a higher price.

Healthcare in Singapore

In some first world countries, health care is abysmal. In Singapore, however, it is very well run. You can enjoy services for a fraction of the cost of somewhere like the U.S.

PRO: Many Choices for Doctors and Hospitals

With so many doctors and hospitals to choose from, you will have your pick. You won’t need to pay large sums either. Even if you don’t have the socialized care that many citizens have, you will be glad to see the lower expenses for all kinds of services.

CON: Upfront Expenses

The upfront costs of health care can often be higher. However, this means that the quality you are getting is top notch.

Education in Singapore

Singapore is known for having some of the best education in the world. Students come out prepared for the real world. If you have children, they will have many options to help them learn and grow.

PRO: Great School Selection

There are private schools, tutors, public schools, and charter schools in Singapore. Depending on what kind of life and career you want to prepare your child for you can find it all. There are international schools, prep schools, and English schools all over the country.

CON: High Fees and Competition for Schools

Singapore’s schooling is very competitive. You can select virtually any kind of academy, but it could come with a high price point. On top of that, there are higher competition rates for schools here because of the quality. Singapore expats working in Singapore should prepare their kids. Be sure to prepare to get your child in the best school for them based on adequate grades and recommendation letters.

When it comes to moving to Singapore, there are a range of pros and cons. However, many people find that moving to this city-state is one of the best decisions they have made based on the strong economy and advantages that come with it. Evaluate the advice above to make the right choice for you. Singapore can be a great place for motivated people who want the best facilities and opportunities that the world offers. Search for job opportunities on Future Work and submit your CV so employers can find you.

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New Job and Moving to Singapore – The Pros and Cons