7 Easy Steps to Find Work in Singapore

While people go through numerous challenges throughout the course of life, finding a job can be a particularly difficult situation to deal with. Luckily, accessing and implementing the right strategies and suggestions can help increase your likelihood of landing the job of your dream. Utilize the following simple steps to increase your likelihood of finding work in Singapore:

  1. Determine Your Eligibility to Work in Singapore

Before you begin your job search, it will be important for you to identify the requirements for specific Singapore positions. Note that some positions may require you to attain a work permit or pass. You can use self-assessment tools to check your eligibility. Keep in mind that while this tool may be helpful, the factors it gauges are not the only ones that will be taken into consideration when you apply for jobs. Some of the factors that come into play will be your personal background and company quotas.

  1. Analyze The Job Sector

Another strategy you should implement for the purpose of finding work in Singapore is analyzing specific job sectors. Specifically, try to determine whether specific industries are growing at a faster than average rate or are in decline. Note that at this moment, tourism is a flourishing industry in Singapore. Another promising field is computer science. This reality may result from the fact that the game development scene is burgeoning in Singapore. To optimize your likelihood of attaining a position in a promising field, consider viewing the Strategic and Skills-in-Demand List.

By viewing this list, you’ll gain access to information regarding the skill sets and occupations that will be in demand within Singapore in the upcoming years. By doing your research, you can select an educational and vocational path that engenders socioeconomic mobility, self-actualization, and personal growth.

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  1. Start Looking For Jobs

Once you’ve identified jobs that seems promising, it’s time to start looking for work in Singapore. Note that there are now hundreds of job hunting websites that you can select from. You can use these job sites to weed through positions and locate the ones that seem the most promising. In addition to utilizing career websites, make sure that you consider classic job hunting strategies like reading through the classifieds section of the newspaper.

Another option you should take into consideration when you start your search for the right job is recruitment agencies. These agencies employ individuals who specialize in finding the ideal positions for job candidates based on things like their unique skill set, location, and vocational aspirations. Yet another strategy you can implement when searching for the ideal job is networking. By simply connecting with other people in personal and professional settings, you can gain more information about new job openings that may have recently become available in Singapore.

  1. Complete An Internship

While you’re waiting for the right job offer to come, make sure that you’re doing all that you can to gain more knowledge and experience in your field. You can add all this information in to your resume as you continue submitting applications. One of the best ways to show your employer that you have what it takes to excel with the company is completing an internship. Internships enable you to attain hands-on experience that is directly applicable to your chosen field. Utilize websites to determine which internships are currently available.

  1. Prepare For The Interview

Once you’ve found the ideal position and submit your application, it’s time to start preparing for the interview. There are several success strategies you can deploy to make the most of this component of the job-hunting process. One of them is having your CV professionally reviewed. This will ensure that your CV is free of grammatical errors, unnecessary information, and other oversights that could preclude the employer from taking you seriously.

In addition to having your CV professionally reviewed, make sure that you take the time to schedule a mock interview. Doing so will help you practice speaking in an impromptu context. In addition to improving your speaking skills, the mock interview will give you an idea of what types of questions you’ll be asked. As such, you can start memorizing key phrases and sentences so that you sound more articulate and polished when you offer answers. Know that the typical resume process will generally incorporate a blend of personal and professional questions. Professional questions will pertain to things like your skill set, salary requirements, and job history. Personal questions may include things like what your hobbies are, whether you’re introverted or extroverted, etc.

One final strategy that you can use to optimize the interview process is having professional aesthetic services completed. Looking your best will likely increase your inner confidence, and it can also cause you to stand out in the employer’s mind. One aesthetic service you may want to consider attaining is a facial. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other services like this will optimize the most visible region of your entire body. In addition to putting your best face forward, make sure that you consider the value of getting your teeth whitened. This strategy can be particularly effective for individuals who drink coffee or have stains resulting from other habits.

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  1. Accept Your Job Offer And Get Everything Together

Once you receive an offer and agree to take the position, accept your new title and begin getting everything together. One thing to keep in mind is that Singapore has various industries which include positions that are deemed specialized professions. If you obtain this type of position, you’ll go through a government registration process which involves providing details regarding things like your pay scale and job sector. Some of the sectors that require prior registration include nursing, pharmaceutical, medicine, law, land surveying, engineering, and dentistry.

  1. Apply For A Visa

Once you’ve accepted your position, make sure that you apply for a work visa. There will be a non-refundable fee you’ll need to pay when you submit your application. Individuals who apply via internet can typically have their applications processed in 7 working days. Individuals who apply manually will generally have to wait up to 5 weeks for their paperwork to be processed.


Although searching for the right Singapore position can be a harrowing experience, it’s important to know that there are multiple strategies you can use to shorten and simplify the job-hunting process. To get the job-hunting process off to a great start, make sure that you submit your CV to us and subscribe for more updates.

7 Easy Steps to Find Work in Singapore