How to Find Singapore Company Reviews

If you are looking for Singapore jobs, then it is important to read the reviews of the companies you are interested in so you have some inside knowledge. These reviews are often written by employees both current and former. They provide great details about the company. Singapore company reviews offer you information on the culture of the company, their managers, their hiring process, the salaries available, and much more. Reviews and ratings of companies are available for pretty much any company and even smaller employers have them too.

The more information you can learn about a company in Singapore before signing on board the better. It will help you prepare for your future and make sure you do a great job in the interview to potentially land your dream job. You can also more easily select between multiple employers in a smart way with more information. Below are ways that you can find out how to get company reviews so you can arm yourself with all the information you need to make the best decision possible:

Singapore Company Review Sites

There are particular review sites that specialize in helping you find out information about potential companies. These sites feature anonymous reviews by people who are currently working there or who used to. It is helpful to use these reviews. You can find out what the current culture is like, if it fits your personality and career goals, and much more. Here is how to get the most out of company review sites:

  • Look for Similar Positions – When looking for reviews about the company you are researching, you need to make sure the reviews are from a similar position to yours. If you are working in IT but the review is from the marketing department, it might not truly reflect the nature of your work. After all, different departments have different rules, managers, and salaries.


  • Beware of Consistently Low Ratings – Even though you should focus mainly on reviews from people within the organization that work in the same field as you, you should be wary of numerous low ratings across the board. A company with many low ratings or bad reviews probably didn’t receive them by mistake. It is natural for any business to have a few employees that are not satisfied, but it should not be most of them. This would be a red flag to look elsewhere for your employment.


  • Take Everything with a Grain of Salt – While you should carefully look at reviews on these sites, do not simply take everything at face value. Sometimes, reviews can be skewed. Be sure to use other methods to see how companies operate as well. For instance, in-person reviews from friends or colleagues can be a powerful way to know if a company has a good reputation and you can compare it to what you found online.

Singapore Company Reviews

Check Your Network

  • Reach Out to Friends and Family – If you are looking to get a job in Singapore, ask around your friends and family. They may know of certain companies in your industry that are hiring. This a great method because it is free. You also know you can trust your friends and family to be honest with you because they want what is best for you and your career. They will also be able to tell you if the company has a good or a bad reputation, allowing you to make a better decision.


  • Go to Networking Events in Your Area – Going to networking and Meetup events is another great way to great reviews about companies in Singapore. People in your industry will naturally talk about the companies they have heard of. Listen well and ask a lot of questions when attending these events to make the most out of them.


  • Look Locally – Specialised review sites and your personal network are great ways to get reviews, however there are others. Certain companies will be reviewed by Singapore’s local business chambers and organisations. You may need to go into their offices personally to see this list, but it could be valuable information in your search as you try to find the perfect fit for your skill set and culture.

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The Company’s Website

You should always use the methods above to try to find reviews on companies. However, sometimes, you can also go directly to the source. Many companies list reviews from customers and employees right on their website. This makes it easy to see if they are worth applying for or not. Then there are other factors that you can use to make your decision:

  • How Long they have Been in Business – How long a company has been operating for can be a crucial component of the quality of their business. If they have been operating for a while, they may have other insights into the market that could help you when you work there. New startups can be great workplaces too, but you need to weigh the pros and cons with your preferences. Decide what kind of business you want to work for. If it is a startup, then you don’t need a long history on their site. However, if you want an older, established firm to get a job with, this is one way to find out.


  • Design and UI Experience – Is their website well designed? Modern companies should have a great web presence. If they don’t, you should take note of it. In today’s world, businesses that are able to compete digitally will have more growth and opportunity than others. And you want a company that is on their way up, not down. So don’t overlook the quality of the website experience. It shows how much they care about their brand image and standing out in the marketplace. This is especially important if you work in design or technology, as it shows what they are willing to invest for these parts of their company.

When it comes to looking for work in Singapore, it can seem overwhelming at first. After all, the economy is booming and there are so many companies that are hiring today. However, the job you choose can affect your life in many ways. It is crucial that you use the tips and tools above to find the right employer and position for you. That way you can enjoy a salary, position, and lifestyle that fits your needs.

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How to Find Singapore Company Reviews