FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS connects top local and international talent to companies in Singapore who want to hire them. Our Job Market distributes open jobs from employers to a large and expanding network of recruiters in the Republic of Singapore. Our centralised desktop and mobile platform serves as a single point of contact for job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers.

For job seekers, we offer a cutting-edge career site and mobile experience with thousands of jobs, easy job notifications, bookmarking, social logins and inspiring content. To learn more about FutureWork, please visit our FAQ page.

For Employers, we offer an easy solution to post one or many ads to our site. You can also access hundreds of CV’s from Singaporean job seekers and expats who are legally compliant to work in the Republic

Our company provide an exemplary user experience for job seekers, employers and recruiters on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

We are focused specifically for the Singaporean job market including new emerging economies; fintech, startups and the gig economy as well as traditional recruiting for banks, medical and tourist industries.

Future Work also provide regular, relevant news and unique content to keep our subscribers informed of the latest trends in the Singaporean job market and economy.

Our purpose at Future Work is more than just connecting job seekers, recruiters and employers in Singapore.

We are passionate about inspiring people to better themselves, to take opportunities, and to believe in themselves for a brighter future tomorrow, today. Simply put, Future Work exists to open doors for people to connect.

Employers can enter jobs to have them viewed by a large network of recruiters, while job seekers can search for and apply directly to jobs.

On Future Work we do not charge jobseekers to upload their CV’s to our job board. We do not want to have any barriers that holds back any job seekers chances of landing their dream job. However, we do manually approve all CV’s submitted to the site before they are published. This is so we can check for false information and spam that would give our employers and recruiters a poor user experience.

No, we do not allow employers and recruiters to post free ads. Other online job boards in Singapore allow free job ads but are often full of the mass spamming of job advertisements.

By charging a small fee, we know you are a serious business and we keep Future Work free of spam. This allow for all users of our jobs board to have a better user experience and achieve their goals.

You will find we keep our fees very competitive and offer a high degree of transparency in everything we do, IE. No hidden fees! Ever!