The Outlook for Information, Communications and Technology [ICT Jobs in Singapore 2019]

As a world leader in technology, innovation and human capital, Singapore is amongst the most desirable places to live and work. This is especially true for those who are currently working or are looking to work in some area of technology. It comes as no surprise that in 2019, job growth continues in a number of different industries. Many indicators point to the fastest growth in ICT jobs in Singapore. Because it is a global trailblazer in many ways, career opportunities continue to be created in Singapore for information, communication, and technology professionals.

Around the world, Singapore is perceived as a utopia of sorts. A place where people live their best personal and professional lives simultaneously. A place where technology grows. Singapore is clean, warm, relaxed, prosperous, innovative, and technologically advanced. Besides all of the obvious reasons just stated, here are five more reasons to consider ICT jobs in Singapore in 2019.


  1. It’s Safe

Let’s start here, because this reason stems in several different directions. Humans have an inherent need to feel safe, and Singapore as a city-state is very safe. Poverty is low. Education is not only accessible, but it is also high-quality. Crime is low, and as a result, general happiness ranks very high amongst its residents. It is a safe place to visit, to live and to thrive.

Singapore as a technology hub is also very safe. Cyber-security ranks very high in importance amongst the technology community. It’s no secret world-wide that this place has become a pillar in the global technology community. When compared to other advanced nations, Singapore has grown tremendously fast. The growth rate and success are due largely in part to it being a safe place for businesses to be born, grow and lead (and the people behind them to do the same.)


  1. Strong Workforce

Do you wish to be a part of something great? The people who makeup the workforce of Singapore are just that. If a super-secret recipe for a successful nation actually exists somewhere, it’s probably a resident of Singapore who possesses it. Even with the best laid plans, a city cannot thrive without the right people to carry those plans out. The workforce of Singapore is essentially the backbone behind the city-state’s Asian Tiger economy.

Studies show that employees work best in a friendly, competitive environment. Singapore, without trying to be, is in its own way an approachable but also aggressive place to be a professional. The kinds of organizations that thrive in Singapore look for the kinds of people who will motivate each other to be great. Working here means being a part of Singapore’s strength.


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  1. Healthy Expat Community

A healthy expat community is a sign of a healthy economy. If you’re a Singapore native, then you already know the cultural and intellectual richness expatriates add to society. If you’re an expatriate looking into Singapore as a potential workplace, then you’ll be happy to know that expats are made to feel very welcome here. In fact, more than a third of the population is made up of foreign nationals, and there are four official languages of Singapore, including English. Multiracialism is an important political factor that weighs into decisions surrounding healthcare, education and housing.

On another note, there is a lot to do in Singapore. There are plenty of meet-up groups for expats, and again, most people here speak English. From the beautiful and well-maintained parks to yoga classes, there are lots of ways to get your exercise. There’s plenty of opportunities for expat children to obtain superior education. There’s also a robust nightlife scene if that’s more your thing.


  1. Focus on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, especially in a city like Singapore, focuses on transforming technology to suit the needs of society. Singapore is a prime example of both the essentialness and the successful implementation of digital transformation. Employers here know that their success is tied to being agile, innovative and people-oriented. This means companies here focus on collaboration, positive workplace culture and employee empowerment, along with other things.

Centering yourself in a globally cutting-edge city-state, alongside business and governmental leaders of technological change, causes you to grow, adapt and improve along with all of those around you. Working here gives you the peace of mind that you’re amongst forward-thinkers. You’re working directly with a special mixture of innovators who advance technology while also seriously valuing human capital. What a combination.


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  1. High Life-expectancy and Quality of Life

Singapore is consistently ranked very high globally for quality of life. Great healthcare, religious diversity and its healthy economy are just a few of the reasons for this. This is a country that was founded on the principle of making all decisions in the best interest of the welfare and happiness of the people. Quality of life equates to happiness and healthiness. Happy and healthy people make the best employees.

As the term work-life balance becomes more and more present in all our lives, it only makes sense to focus your career somewhere that values its citizens’ quality of life. While Singapore may not be a large place, it is a beautiful place. While it may have a large population, it does an outstanding job of accommodating everyone’s needs. Who doesn’t want to be happier personally and professionally while also living longer?

Because of all of these factors, the ICT industry Singapore will continue to grow into the next decade and beyond. Employers will continue to add positions in these areas as the Singapore community thrives and companies expand. The city has firmly positioned itself as an economic ideal which other countries look up to and work hard to emulate. Residents can rest easy knowing that as the country grows, it adapts and remains an all-around great place to live, work and feel stable. For someone who has the professional background to succeed here, Singapore can offer so much.

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The Outlook for Information, Communications and Technology [ICT Jobs in Singapore 2019]