Singapore Jobs in Demand – Orthodontist / Dental Assistant

Imagine if it was your job to create smiles all day long. That is exactly what a dental assistant has a hand in. This is a career that helps promotes good oral hygiene and provides patients with relief from pain. Just think about all your trips to the dentist and how much better you felt after leaving with clean teeth.

Yes, the goal is to have everyone that leaves the dentist’s office do so with a smile. That will be easy for you to help achieve with the right training and positive attitude. As an expat, you’ll find that are many opportunities for dental assistant jobs in Singapore for foreigners. After all, everyone wants a bright and healthy smile!

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The Duties of a Dental Assistant in Singapore

Assistants in a dental practice can be called on to cover many aspects of maintaining a practice from the record keeping and scheduling of patients to the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. Of course, the primary duty for these assistants is with patient care. Here’s what you can expect to take care of with each appointment:

• See to it that the patient is comfortable once they’re in the dental chair
• Get the tray set up for the specific procedures with sterilised equipment
• Take and process X-rays
• Anticipate the needs of the dentist by handing them instruments during the exam
• Keep the patient’s mouth dry and clear by utilising suction hoses
• Provide instructions for the patient for their post-exam care
• Set up future appointments
• Help with billing and patient payments

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Vital Qualities of the Dental Position

Entering into this field requires a person to be detail oriented. There will be specific control procedures established by the dentist that must be adhered to. Many of these procedures are directly tied to preventing infection both for the patients and the practice staff. They’re extremely important to follow precisely.

You will also need to be good with your manual dexterity. Working with dental patients means working in close quarters with very precise hand movements. There won’t be a lot of room for error.

Having good interpersonal skills will also be an asset. It is not uncommon for dental patients to be anxious even about a simple teeth cleaning. One of your many responsibilities is to put them at ease. You’ll find that it will be a big help to keep a conversation going as a way of relaxing the patient and distracting them. It really does help!

How to Become a Dental Assistant

Most dental assistant jobs require graduation from accredited programs. These programs will provide the necessary curriculum and training to excel in this particular field. The training will involve class work and internships in actual dental practices. It might only require two years to earn a degree or certification in this area. Once completed, you’ll be able to begin your search for dental jobs in Singapore.

Earning Potential

In Singapore, a certified assistant with 3 years experience can expect to make a median annual salary of around $36,940. In Singapore, the monthly average salary is around $3000. Once you find a practice that you’re comfortable in, you can count on steady employment. Having these dental skills also means you can work practically anywhere. That provides for a lot more flexibility with regard to career choices.

Other Opportunities for Dental Assistants

There might be a chance to expand your education and certification by taking additional courses in the field. Being an assistant provides a strong foundation to becoming a dental hygienist. That is the person who helps with actual procedures like teeth cleaning and fitting orthodontics.

You could find a practice where you would be needed more in a managerial role. Many assistants work strictly at the receptionist area welcoming patients and setting up those future appointments.

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Singapore Jobs in Demand – Orthodontist / Dental Assistant