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Singapore is a place where there is an abundance of developer jobs waiting to be claimed. The country has risen the technological ladder over the past decade and provides many tech opportunities for aspiring Singaporeans. However, many people who live in the country that are new to the tech industry may not know where to look or know the best jobs that are trending. Fortunately, we have a compiled list of jobs that are trending in 2019. These opportunities are fantastic for android application developer jobs in Singapore and other tech-related jobs.

Let’s take a look at some of these fantastic career opportunities on this list.

Android and iOS Application Development

There are dozens of jobs on the market looking for talented application developers. Many of these programs require their developers to have a vast understanding of C#, javascript, and more. However, there are dozens of opportunities to be had with these jobs. Working for the right app that takes off on the app store could put you in the limelight. There are various job boards that are looking for talented developers as well. Keep your eye out for these job listings if you are looking to break into application development.

App Developer Jobs

Java Developer Jobs in Singapore

Have you ever wanted to learn to code and/or work on various java based applications? There are plenty of them available for developers to get their hands on. Websites and small-scale gaming applications require Java developers to help them provide functionality to these programs. Fortunately, there seems to be a large number of Java jobs that are available to Singaporeans. Java is a very easy language to pick up and can allow almost anyone an immediate job after training for a year.


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Cloud Specialists

Everyone is switching to using cloud servers nowadays. The benefits are just too great to ignore. This means that companies are looking for more cloud specialists than ever before. Developers who know Azure and Python will be incredibly valuable in this department.

You can help companies develop their infrastructures and keep their information safe from prying eyes. This is an incredibly important field that needs help from home in Singapore or remotely around the world. Many U.S. based companies are looking for Singaporeans who have experience working in the cloud. Consider working in this field if you have the right knowledge to get the job done. Job security is incredibly high and the job itself is a moderate challenge.


Learning and Development Jobs Singapore

Finally, there is a unique opportunity for Singaporeans to use their developer knowledge to help others. There are many websites that utilise online courses to teach students a skill they wish to learn. Singaporeans who have a great understanding of development jobs can apply their expertise here and make a living off of it. Teaching is something that many people who are already talented at developing do to take their skills to the next level. Online classrooms provide flexibility and customisation to teach your students as you see fit.


Development Jobs in Singapore Are Growing

As mentioned before, there are dozens of opportunities for developers to find jobs that can allow them to use their knowledge for programming. Singapore is one of the most outsourced countries in the world whenever it comes to development. Apps, websites, and other programming needs can be found in Singapore. However, someone in Singapore must know where to look first in order to capitalise on this need. Use this information to help you find an area of focus that will push you towards success in the world of programming.

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Singapore Jobs in Demand – Developers