The Singapore Grand Prix: Job Opportunities and the Benefits to the Economy

Whether you’ve always had a keen interest in the racing world or you recently began to explore it, you should know that it’s possible to find a job at the Singapore Grand Prix. As you’re seeking out employment opportunities, consider both the types of positions for which you may apply and the economic benefits of the Singapore Grand Prix to the Lion City and future job opportunities.

Marketing the Singapore Grand Prix

While interest has already been generated for the Singapore GP and loyal fans are traveling to attend, the need to increase interest also exists. When you have skills in marketing, you could work in this field for the event. In other words, you could help to both develop and distribute advertisements and other marketing material. If you have expertise in a specific type of marketing, make sure to note that information in your application. For example, social-media marketing is very popular right now. Having the ability to effectively market the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix on popular social media networks could end up landing you the dream job.

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Marketing and promoting the event generally go together; however, you could also work with promotional items throughout the three days of the event. For example, stands are be set up at F1 Singapore where guests can collect promotional items. People need to work at these stands to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of the products to the guests. In addition to actually distributing these items on the days of the Grand Prix, a team of experts must determine what items are the best to distribute. After all, giving out promotional items isn’t just about providing a free product to the attendees. These products often have some sort of commercial angle to get recipients to purchase products or use services from a particular company in the future. You could assist with these development endeavours as well.

Food and Drink Vendors

Hungry and thirsty guests are sure to be in attendance, and this need drives many job opportunities. You’ll likely find positions for food and drink stands where you can spend the event selling these desired items to guests. However, this type of job could also lead you down an important road when it comes to your career. For example, you might have a strong interest in the culinary arts. Seeing how cuisine is prepared for this type of high profile event can guide you more in your desired field. Also, you may already have some experience cooking professionally and be able to find a position actually preparing food for the event.

GP Hospitality

With all of the guests coming to the event, hospitality employees are certainly needed. Some guests might need your assistance finding their way to the restrooms, and others will need you to guide them to their seats. These job opportunities could certainly help you to build your communication skills, which are necessary in a number of long-term positions. You might think of working hospitality at an event as a one-time position, but it could lead to more work for you in the future.


With all of the excitement of this glamorous F1 event, getting caught up in the sounds and visuals is easy, but so many tasks go on behind the scenes that help the Grand Prix in Singapore to run smoothly. In other words, you can look into a host of maintenance jobs. Some of the jobs might be related to the physical structure where the event takes place. For example, if a chair breaks or a pipe bursts on the day of the event, a team of people need to take care of these issues. Although dedicated teams of mechanics change tyres and refuel the cars in the pits, there are other maintenance positions to pursue, including those of support vehicles, electrical systems and civil engineering projects.


Another option is to apply for custodial positions. You would likely play a role in cleaning the space during and after the event. You may also have a role in setting up for the Singapore Grand Prix though you will need to review the details of the specific job to know for sure. A custodial job at a large event such as the Formula One Grand Prix can look seriously good on your CV. This CV builder can indicate that you’re able to take care of a large space and to work effectively with a team of people.

Merchandise Sales

You probably know that people like to take home F1 souvenirs from the Grand Prix, and a team of hard workers need to sell those souvenirs. In order to sell merchandise effectively, you generally need to have an outgoing personality and work both accurately and quickly. In other words, long lines can form, and if people have to wait too long, they may walk away and look for the souvenirs elsewhere. If you have the right aptitude and personality, merch sales may be the start for your successful sales career.

Technical Jobs

In order for the announcers to have their voices heard through the crowds and for the event to be shown on live television, individuals with strong skills in the technical fields are absolutely needed. Whether your main expertise is in television and radio or working with internet connections and microphones, chances are that a seriously beneficial opportunity exists for you at the Grand Prix.

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Perhaps you won’t land a job at the Singapore Grand Prix itself, but you might get a position that has to do with the event. After all, as Marketing Interactive notes, F1 Singapore is certainly good for the economy. When the economy is stimulated, other positions open up to opportunities. You might discover that you have an easier time discovering jobs in general with this event in town. However, you can also look at some specific opportunities that are closely linked to this adrenalin fueled event.


People are going to come from all over the world to witness the Singapore Night Grand Prix, and many of them are going to need to book hotel rooms. Due to the increased demand for hotel rooms, you may find that some of these businesses are hiring temporary employees for all types of positions. Put in your best efforts though, especially if you’re looking into working at a hotel in the long-term. The hotel might decide to hire you beyond the duration of the event. Even if you are not hired for a long-term position, you have still built up the necessary skills, made connections and gained experience to land that full-time job.

Food Service Industry

With all of these extra people in town, restaurants and other members of the food-service industry, such as coffee shops and ice cream stores, are likely going to need some extra help. Once again, the jobs may be temporary, but they could turn into more long-term opportunities if you put in the necessary effort and demonstrate that you can be an indispensable employee. With so many different options for food and beverages in the area, you’re more than likely find a place that is hiring.

The Singapore Grand Prix brings with it a host of employment opportunities. Some of them are at the event itself, and others are connected to the event. In order to get started, you need to get seen, upload your CV and subscribe to Future Work today so that you can get our latest job seeker tips and new job alerts.

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The Singapore Grand Prix: Job Opportunities and the Benefits to the Economy