Khalil Jibran Principal Software Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra, India Khalil_Jibran_Resume_19.docx
AWSCloud developmentDistributed SystemJavaNoSQL.

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Summary: Software engineer (design and programming) with 13+ years of experience in product development. Currently based out of Symantec, Pune, India.


Name: Khalil Jibran

Contact: +91-9962823523

Email: [email protected]


Skill Set:

Primary Language: Java.

OS platforms: Linux and Windows.

NoSQL: AWS DynamoDB, Elastic Search, Cassandra.


Other languages: C++, python, java scripts, shell scripts.

Major software packagesframework: rabbitmq, kafka, spring, spring-bootmvc, tomcat, maven, docker, open shift, consul etc.

Good experience in hybrid cloud design and development.

AWS: DynamoDB, S3, SNS, SQS, Lambda, IAM, EC2, KMS, RDS etc.

Misc framework-tools: SonarQubeLint, Coverity, Jenkins, kibana, graffana, git, IntelliJ etc.


Other technical and personal skills:

·      Good architecting, design, code, logic and problem-solving skills.

·      Technical mentoring of junior colleagues.

·      Experience with AgileScrum based development model.

·      Articulate and drive complex EpicPOCs.

·      Deep understanding of cloud-based development dynamics (in-house and public). Good experience in development of SOA solutions in AWS. Good understanding of SaaS and multi tenancy aspects.

·      Ability to work with cross functional and geographically spread teams.

·      Ability to take full stack ownership of features.

·      Technology(s) evaluation and its applicability.

·      Experience of designing and implementing on-premises components.

·      Experience with cloud vendor invariant design choices.


Symantec Software India Private Limited, Pune (14 Dec 2011- till date) as Principal Software Engineer (since June 2014), Senior Software Engineer (Dec 2011 to May 2014 ).


In “Cyber Security Services” group: contributed to architecture, design and development for very large-scale enterprise cloud system along with on premises collection platforms. Good understanding of streaming data ingestion and processing pipeline. Hands on experience in re designing services from enterprise cloud to AWS. Expertise on de coupled scalable micro service-based design and architecture.


Major accomplishments:

Architecture, design and implementation to establish RabbitMQ cluster for elastic tier of Log and Meta data Tier.

i.              Worked in Java8-Linux to implement consumers and publishers for RabbitMQ cluster.

ii.            Implemented Log Forwarder in Java to provide an Interface for any kind of data level separation.

iii.          Micro Services deployed over docker through openShift.

iv.          Large scale event capture in AWS DynamoDb and S3.

v.            Actively involved in reviews and suggestions across pipeline.

vi.          Enhanced monitoring capability with metriclog beat, elastic search and graffana etc.

vii.        Design and implementation of Kibana open source code customization to support multi tenancy for saved objects (queries). Working familiarity with java script.

viii.      RESTful and AMQP aware microservices.


In Cyber defense manager platform: Large scale cloud platform to perform various actions targeted on end points.

i.              Design, implementation of Cloud based large scale “Endpoint data recorder” system.

ii.            Chain of micro services to support submission of commands across tens of millions of end points. Like endpoint-search, scope-resolver, command-submission etc.

iii.          Designed DynamoDB tables, indices etc and identifying scenario to highlight costing issues and its remediation.

iv.          Contributed mainly on scale and throttling aspects.

v.            Java8-Linux with AWS (DynamoDB, S3, SQS and SNS) to store command history and capture streaming status and progress details.

vi.          Scalable and de coupled system using RabbitMQ, Kafka, PODs and service discovery model.

vii.        Building core services.

viii.      RESTful and AMQP aware microservices.



Provisioning Systems :

i.              Provisioning system provides a framework which enables auto on board of devices and push and consume meta dataconfiguration to and from log collection platform.

ii.            Designed and developed REST interface for provisioning.

iii.          Used Kafka, AWS SQS, SNS, S3 and lambda services to integrate with enterprise licensing layer.

iv.          Anonymization of logs for staging.

v.            Used Cassandra to store and process telemetry for alarm system.

vi.          Java8, Linux, EC2 instances.



i.              Major contributions in static code analysis, threat modelling, penetration testing, scalability and performance testing, open source evaluation and its integration with product.

ii.            Understanding of life cycle management of sensitive data, services on cloud.

iii.          Familiarity with build, deployment, discovery framework like Jenkins, docker, openShift-ACP, pod, consul etc.

iv.          Good understanding of RDMS based systems including performance improvement.


XIOStorage India Private Limited, Hyderabad (22 Feb 2011- 4 Nov 2011) as Senior Engineer – I (Individual Contributor). India site was closed in Nov 2011.

Worked on ISE Manager to manage Intelligent Storage Equipment (ISE) which brings all the integration pieces of storage and applications in one suite. Major accomplishments were:

i.         Developed operation manager to cache and maintain recent events collected from devices. Used Java6/7, JMS, AMQP, maven, ant, Java concurrency, Firebird Db, MS SQL.

ii.         Performance improvements for ISE Manager.


HCL Technologies, Hyderabad (21 Dec 2009-21 Feb 2011) as Lead Software Engineer

Worked in Anti-Virus Team for Computer Associate account. Worked upon CSE (Cloud Scan Engine). CSE is cloud solution to serve reputation of file hashes. Worked upon multiple aspects of cloud development including web services, database design and performance tuning. Also worked upon reputation syncing from third party feed.

Worked upon Java6, Tomcat, Linux, AMQP, MS SQL etc.


Microsoft R & D India Private Limited- Hyderabad (11 Feb 2008- 16 Nov 2009) as Software Design Engineer.

Worked in Team Foundation Server team on Lab Management features.

i.              Developed requirement elicitation integration with TFS in Microsoft Word (This was to provide tracking information of TFS in word document) and REST APIs.

ii.            Worked in Lab Management System to implement RESTful interfaces to support various actions on groups of VMs.

iii.          Worked on C#, C++, IIS, MS-SQL.


Gemstone Systems India Centre, Pune (27 August 2007-31 Jan 2008), Member of Technical Staff – System Engineering

Worked for Enterprise Data Fabric product which deals with large scale in-memory caching. Worked on Java6, Linux as part of POC to develop multi server cache tier.


Amdocs Development India Centre, Pune (28 June 2006-17 August 2007), Subject Matter Expert (Design and Programming)

Worked in backend team (CSM- Customer service management) on Java6, Unix (HP) and Oracle 9i SQL. Implemented APIs for multiple customer requirements.


Flextronics Software Systems (Formerly Hughes Software Systems), Gurgaon (13 June 2005-23 June 2006), Software Engineer

Developed customer requirement and handled defects on SDL (wrapper on C++) Linux for telecom mobility. Good hands on analyzing logs and finding bugs.



M Tech (I.T) from IIIT- Allahabad. June 2005.



Available on demand.


June2003/June2005 Master of Technology at Indian Institute of Information Technology