Monster Jobs in Singapore this Halloween

People love Halloween for a variety of reasons. Some love the haunts and the horrors, and others enjoy the day as an excuse to eat candy. Still others thoroughly wait for the thrill of dressing up as their favourite characters, monster or heroes. In Singapore, Halloween is an enthralling event.

In Singapore, Halloween is not just a one-day celebration. In the weeks leading up to the big day, many events are held. For example, some people may check out haunted houses, and others may go to festivals. Trick-or-treating, while certainly not non-existent, is also not extremely popular in Singapore, so residents find other ways to celebrate. It’s not that kids don’t trick-or-treat; it’s more that they may do so at scheduled events as opposed to at individual houses. With all of these celebrations, you have plenty of opportunities to find monster jobs in Singapore this Halloween.

Monster Jobs in Singapore

Haunted Houses, Monster Jobs and More

If you’ve ever gone into a haunted house yourself, you probably know how much of a fun scare they can be. While you may not have realized it, these haunted houses often need to hire scores of employees. For example, you might be interested in monster jobs, mummy jobs or vampire jobs where you can dress up as your favorite haunted figure. If getting into makeup and costumes isn’t for you, you could also work as a ticket collector or behind the scenes.

Just think about all of the details that need to go into haunted houses. People have to make sure that the lighting is just right and that the scenes are perfectly poised. You could work to create the scenes or the lighting. Also, in the event that you like to do hair and makeup, you could dress up the other ghouls and goblins.

Costumes and Decoration Stores

Perhaps you’ve noticed the fall decor out in the stores already, and soon enough, you may see shops dedicated solely to Halloween decorations and costumes come to the community. These seasonal jobs can be the right fit if you aren’t into serious frights. In other words, you don’t have to spend your time in a haunted house, but you can still check out all of the latest costumes and decorations that are sure to make a hit this Halloween. Working at these shops could also help you to build up retail experience, which can help on your resume, especially if you’re looking to go into that field.

Candy Stores and Drugstores

As the holiday season comes into fruition, you may find that candy stores and drugstores are in need of more employees. They are likely going to experience an influx of customers. As a result of this increase in customers, they need to also hire more employees. Keep in mind that even if the position is seasonal at first, it could turn into a more long-term arrangement. If you show that you have strong skills, the store may decide to hire you full-time or to give you part-time hours throughout the year.

Trick-or-treating Events

Even if some of the neighbourhood kids do go trick-or-treating door-to-door on Halloween night, you should look into events that are held. At these events, you may stand at a station and provide candy to the kids who come by. Chances are that you’ll be expected to dress in a house so you also get the opportunity to celebrate Halloween yourself. These events are held in different locations. For example, you might find an event at a local shopping mall or community center. Different stores may open up during the event to give candy out to the kids. In order to keep up with the demand, the stores or the event may hire additional employees to assist.

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Halloween Parties

Some local neighbourhood establishments might be hosting Halloween parties. For example, some schools and community organisations might be starting to get plans together for their annual Halloween event. In order to make the parties go off smoothly, these entities will need to hire individuals to greet guests, check coats or bags, serve the food, clean up and provide entertainment. Whether you are skilled in swiftly dishing out plates of food to scores of guests at one time or you have a spooky talent to share at a show, consider sharing your abilities at one of these Halloween celebrations.


When parents are checking out all of the Halloween parties in the neighborhood, they may feel a yearning to attend and to relive some of their younger days. However, in order to do so, they will have to find a babysitter for the kids. Also, parents may want to take older children to haunted houses and other Halloween events and have the little ones stay at home so as not to spook them. Keep your eyes open for listings for babysitting gigs. Even if the position is just for one night or for a few hours during the week, you could be opening the door to a more long-term position.

Fall Festivals

If you love apple cider, caramel apples, pumpkin pie and all of the other delicious delights of the fall, you are likely then familiar with fall festivals. These festivals usually have entertainment, activities and plenty of foods and drinks. In order to ensure that all of the guests have a good time and are well-served, the event hosts will need to order a team of professionals. Participating in one of these festivals can give you the chance to sharpen your skills in a particular area, such as team work, face-painting or catering, that you could then use as you pursue full-time positions.


Maybe as a child, you loved to watch the local Halloween parade on wheels, or perhaps you even participated in it yourself. What you might not have realised is that these events require employees to run efficiently. In other words, party organisers may need individuals to manage food and water stands or to set up barricades to prevent cars from going into the streets. Being a part of this team means that you can learn some important skills that could serve you well in an event-planning career and take part in an exciting celebration of the holiday.

Halloween is such an exciting time of the year. Whether you love the costumes, the colours or the candy, you can turn this passion into an exciting job. The seasonal job can help you in the long term, therefore you should keep your eye open for positions.

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Monster Jobs in Singapore this Halloween