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Job Ad Posting Policy

General Job Ad Posting Rules – The Do’s and the Don’ts!

  • All jobs ads posted on future Work must be posted with official Singapore registered company email address (i.e. yourcompany.com, yourcompany.com.sg or yourcompany.sg)
  • Job postings using a generic Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. email address are not allowed
  • Each job posting must only advertise for one position or individual. Generic job postings advertising multiple job positions are NOT allowed
  • All job posting must be written in English language only
  • Employment agencies and/or services should clearly identify themselves within the job posting, including their Singaporean business registration number.
  • Incomplete fields in the job submission form may result in the job posting not being approved.
  • Do not include an Icons and/or Emoticons.

Strictly Prohibited Job Listings – The Definitely Don’t!

The following jobs are strictly prohibited from being posted on FutureWork.sg and will not be approved:

  • Jobs that violate any applicable law or regulation in Singapore
  • Jobs which require candidates to send money or stamped addressed envelopes to gain further details of the job position
  • Job postings which advertises for “commission only” based jobs
  • Job postings which advertises for multi-level marketing (MLM) or other related multi-level marketing schemes
  • Job postings which advertises on any forms of pyramid or Ponzi scheme
  • Job postings for any Escort or Adult industry related work
  • Job postings for medical trials of any kind
  • Job postings for any models or actors (either male or female) related work
  • Job postings which contain website links to other websites offering the user job posting facilities
  • Should you not upload a logo for your job posting, you authorize FutureWork.sg to upload a logo or image from your website to represent your company
  • We reserve all rights to remove job postings when they breach any of our Posting Policies and/or our Terms & Conditions.

Job Ads That Do Not Adhere to the Following Posting Rules Will Not Be Approved:

Job Title

  • Job titles are to be posted according to our approved format only
  • Keywords such as Looking for, Urgent and High pay must not be included
  • Job titles must not be in FULL CAPS
  • Salary details, Job period and Job Location must not be included in the job title
  • Icons and special characters must not be included in the job title or description
  • Refrain from using clickbait

Job Description

  • Detail and requirement of the job should be briefly explained
  • A one sentence job posting will NOT be approved

Company Logo

  • Please ensure that you upload your business logo

When in doubt, stay professional and stay classy!