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I Want To Work At…

Do you want to get ahead of all the other job seekers in Singapore?

Want to reach out to a specific company in Singapore you really want to work at and get noticed?

Now you can, and we have made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 for you.

  1. Complete the form fields below and tell us why they should hire you.
  2. Record a short video (Velfie), (1-3 minutes works best) and upload it.
  3. Press the submit button.


That’s it! We will take care of the rest.

We will create a unique page for you in 2 or 3 days and alert you by email when it’s published. You can then easily share your page via social media or post directly to a recruiter or HR of the company you want to work at. They may even check it out directly on Future Work!

It Gets Even Better!

We do not charge for this service, it’s 100% free. Why? Because we believe in building community and want you to succeed, find your dream job and help build a brighter future.

However, job seekers of Future Work who submit their CV to our site will take precedence over those who haven’t. If you want to upload your CV to FutureWork, you can do that here. Sound good? OK, Let’s get to it!

    I Want to Work at… FAQ

    • Can I record a video on my mobile device?
      • Yes, you can. If fact we recommend it. Today’s mobile phones have high quality recording capabilities for sound and vision. They are ideal for making Velfie’s!
    • Should I use a professional videographer?
      • If you have the budget, go for it but if you haven’t don’t let that stop you from making your video.
    • Can I use an existing video from Youtube?
      • Yes, you can send us the link to your Youtube video or upload your video file. We will upload your video file to our Youtube Channel and link back to your unique page on FutureWork.sg.

    Example Video

    8 Hints and Tips for Recording Great Velfies

    1. Background

    Before you decide to shoot your velfie take into consideration what is in the background of your shot. If you are shooting in a house, make sure it looks clean and tidy. No prospective employer wants to see your unmade bed.

    You may way want to shoot your velfie against a plain white wall so there is no distractions and the focus is totally on you.

    2. Light

    Light is a key ingredient for a successful velfie. The other is sound, but we will come to that in a second.

    Where ever possible use natural light but avoid glaring sunlight as this can wash out your image.

    Also, be aware of unflattering shadows that show you in a bad light to potential employers.

    If you are shooting your velfie inside, experiment with defused light from a window.

    3. Movement and Steadiness

    When shooting your velfie you should have a steady ‘locked-off’ shot. It can be very irritating and distracting for the viewer if what they are watching if shaking. Always aim for a single shot from a stand or tripod to achieve a professional looking video.

    4. Equipment

    A smartphone will get you great results. iPhone, Android Galaxy and Google Pixel 2 XL are all great devices with a high standard of video capabilities.

    If you have the budget, many professional vloggers use the Canon G7X as their go to camera.

    We would also recommend you use a tripod, desk or floor mounted for the best effect. If you don’t have a tripod, a selfie-stick or hand held steady cam equipment comes in a close second.

    If your budgets are tight, experiment with propping your phone up on a desk or shelf and support it with a book or two.

    5. Avoid Portrait Mode and Use Landscape Mode

    A rookie mistake to avoid at all costs. If you shoot your velfie in portrait mode it will look good on your phone but when the video is uploaded to Youtube either side will have black bars on it. Always shoot in landscape mode as all video, TV and desktop computer screens are set out to accommodate this mode.

    6. Sound

    As we mentioned above in our tips about lighting your video, sound plays a huge role in the success of your video. Image watching your favorite movie without a soundtrack or worse, someone eating potato chips behind you at the cinema!

    Likewise, the viewer wants to clearly hear what you are saying without straining to hear. If you are shooting indoors be aware of the hum of air-conditioning units, fans and outside noise. Also, listen out for an echo (echo).

    7. Do Not Zoom In

    There is no faster way of reducing the visual quality of your video than zooming in. You’re shooting a velfie so there really is no need to use zoom. Extreme close-ups, however attractive you are, are not needed!

    8. Be Confident and Smile

    Some people take to the camera like a duck to water, most of us however, have to work at it a little more.

    Practice talking to the camera and view it as a friend and remember to blink and breathe. Basically, be natural but sell yourself and use your facial expressions as more words are conveyed through your eyes than your mouth.

    Now it’s over to you. Show us what you got. Lights, Camera, Action!

    I Want To Work At…