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One thing is for sure, the future of job search is evolving. To stay competitive and ahead of your contemporaries, serious job seekers need to be aware and at the cutting-edge of these new developments.

Here are our top 5 tips for the future of job search:

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Professional CV’s

Hiring managers will expect every CV to have a professional format and look.

A professional CV is paramount to getting ‘the call to interview’. Recruiters spend on average, 6 seconds reviewing a CV while most CV’s are scanned by computer. So make sure your CV stands out and includes the relevant keywords in the copy of the CV. This will help you get selected for the next round.

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You’ll need a college education if you want to get those management positions.

While you may hear a lot of debate about a degree not being worth what it used to be, when it come to professional careers, having a relevant degree in your chosen field is paramount.

A college education will take you so far, but to enter into a high paying professional STEM career, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math you will definitely need higher education.


Online Presence

Become an expert maintaining your online reputation.

Don’t think employers wont look at your social networks because they certainly will. Before you start your employment search, have a spring clean of your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Delete any content that shows you in a negative light or too risqué for potential employers. Once you have ‘cleaned house’ set them to private and don’t post anything in future you wouldn’t want to see on a billboard in the middle of the city. Once online, always online, so don’t jeopardise your future by posting something controversial today.

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Have multiple jobs and multiple careers.

Baby boomers were possibly the last generation where a job was for life. Nowadays the trend is to have more that one job at the same time (the gig economy) or move from one job to the next to climb to the top of the career ladder.

To climb the career ladder successfully you will need to be a good networker and nurture relationships with headhunters.


FW Specialization - The Future of Jobs Search


Become specialized in your chosen field.

When you specialize in your chosen field it sets you apart from the other 99%. A specialists net worth is generally higher than a generalist and there are fewer people competing for the jobs. If you have the focus, education and specialization that sets you apart and above others in your chosen career, the future looks very bright for you.

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The Future of Jobs Search – Future Work SG